Rogers Ready For Final Rematch With LSU

Carlos Rogers talks about the evolution of the Auburn vs. LSU rivalry and discusses this weekend's contest.

Auburn, Ala.--Senior cornerback Carlos Rogers says that he has certainly seen a change in the atmosphere surrounding the Auburn-LSU rivalry in the past four seasons, but adds that has little effect on his mindset as a player.

"It has grown a lot since I have been here," Rogers explains. "From a freshman playing over there, I really didn't know how big of a game it was, but up to my senior year it has grown a lot. But, I really don't try and get into the hype of the game. That is more for the fans. I'm just trying to play football."

Despite saying the hype is for the fans, the senior notes that the atmosphere surrounding big games does bring something different to the experience. "It gets you real excited, ready to play," Rogers says about the big game atmosphere. "Once you step off the bus you know that you have got a lot of fans out there that are going to be in orange. Usually when we go out pre-game the crowd is just starting to get in, but this week the crowd will probably already be in there. It gets you excited and ready to play."

Even after only allowing two scores against the reserves in the first two games, there are still questions surrounding the inexperienced Auburn defense heading into Saturday's game against the Bayou Bengals. However, Rogers says that despite the lack of experience he feels like his defensive group is playing solid football.

"I think we have been doing pretty good," the senior notes. "We have played physical ball, and most important, what coach has been harping on since two-a-days, we have played smart football. So, I think as a group, as a whole, we have been doing pretty good so far."

Carlos Rogers is looking forward to getting another shot at LSU after last season's disappointing 31-7 loss in Baton Rouge.

Rogers adds that onS aturday the secondary will get quite a test from a big and fast LSU receiving corps. "I really haven't seen the other receivers, but I know they are going to try and get the ball in Skyler Green's hands and I am probably going to be matched up with him a lot," Rogers notes. "But, at the same time we can't forget about the other receivers."

However, Rogers says that he couldn't be more excited about the chance to match up against one the SEC's premier receivers. "I always look forward to a challenge out there by myself," the cornerback explains. "But, the last two teams we had, their biggest thing wasn't their receivers, so being that this is a game where I can step up and be prepared for one of the best receivers, that is a big challenge."

The cornerback also says the Auburn defense is not expecting to see the same Marcus Randall at quarterback for LSU, who looked overwhelmed against the Tigers' defense two years ago in a start for an injured Matt Mauck.

"Yeah, he's going to be totally different," Rogers says of Randall. "He's had some experience in the last few games and of course he went through a two-a-days starting and things. But, the year before last he was rattled by us. We were running so many different things at him and so many blitzes that there ain't too many quarterbacks that can handle it. So, we are going to try and do some of those same things to get him rattled and the other quarterback."

The senior adds that he really hopes Hurricane Ivan does not play a factor in this year's matchup of the Tigers versus the Tigers. "I want it to be dry," Rogers says. "I don't want excuses on either side."

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