QB Prospect Trying To Overcome Stormy Start

This quarterback from the sunshine state has had to endure much more than most high school athletes could ever dream about this fall.

Punta Gorda, Fla.--A lot of high school football players and football teams have not gotten off to the start they would like for the 2004 season. However, a few losses or a couple of bad games statistically cannot compare to what Wayne Campbell and his Charlotte High School teammates have been forced to endure so far this year.

"After the hurricane we don't have any school or a stadium," Campbell explains about the lingering effects from Hurricane Charley that slammed into the Port Charlotte area and demolished his three story high school.

"We have power, but we are sharing school with our rival school," says Campbell, who is now attending classes at cross-town rival Port Charlotte High's campus.

"Another thing is that game was supposed to be played at home, but we had to play it their stadium because we don't have a stadium. We have got a stadium, but it is unplayable."

The game that Campbell is talking about is Charlotte High's season opener, which they were finally able to play last weekend, but lost 28-20 to Cape Coral Mariner.

The big senior is not happy at all about the loss and puts most of the blame on his own shoulders. "It was just a horrible first half, horrible," Campbell says about his performance. "I finished up the game 13-37 with 194 yards and one touchdown. I didn't throw any interceptions.

"I was just--I had receivers open and I was just throwing them in the dirt. Then, in the second half I could have had about four touchdown passes, but three different receivers dropped touchdown passes. In the second half I got it together and I was bringing us back, but it was a little too late."

However, he does note that taking a tough loss like that one should help his team in the long run. "That was good for us though. It woke us up."

Campbell says that a big part of his problem in the opener was mental. "I was just thinking about it a little too much," he notes. "I have got to start blocking everything out and just playing like I used to. Like my junior year I just went out and had fun."

Heading into week two, however, Campbell says he is not expecting the same type of performance out of himself or his team. "This week we play Northport," the quarterback notes. "We should crush them."

On the recruiting front, Campbell says that he is still hearing from a lot of colleges, but that none of them have extended him a scholarship offer to this point. "West Virginia and Auburn (are who I am) hearing the most from," he explains.

One reason the tall QB thinks he has not yet received and offer is because he still has to take his SAT, but he has scheduled a test date for October 9th.

Despite a lack of offers, Campbell says that he has been getting some phone calls now that coaches can contact players again. "West Virginia, Auburn and UCF have called me."

However, Campbell notes that the recruiting game is the last thing that is on his mind right now. "I am just focusing on the season. I am just trying to focus on the season and trying to win a district title this year and go to the playoffs."

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