2 SEC Leaders for Georgia Fullback

Griffin's <b>Ahmad Mayo</b> was a prospect not many teams knew about going into the Spring of 2004. Once the spring was complete, Mayo had a couple offers and is now getting letters from schools across the south. What has Mayo been up to this season and has he added to his number of offers?

"I have been a little banged up for a couple of weeks now," Ahmad Mayo said.

"Just little nagging injuries that won't go away. Coach Devoursney held me out last week and we are off this week, so I should be ready to go when we get back in action."

Going into the season, Mayo held offers from Auburn and South Carolina. Has anyone else stepped up and offered this hard-hitting fullback?

"Not yet…Auburn and South Carolina are still the only teams to offer. Tennessee came down to watch me a couple weeks ago and have begun to show a lot of interest in me, so they may be close to offering. Georgia Southern also came up and they are on me hard right now. I plan on heading down there to visit pretty soon."

What other schools are after Mayo?

"I am getting letters pretty regular from Notre Dame, Indiana, Middle Tennessee State, Georgia Southern, Tennessee, Georgia and Arkansas. I am getting attention from other schools too, but those are the main ones other than the two that have offered."

Who are his favorites?

"Auburn is really my leader right now…they have been on me from the beginning. They were the first to offer, and they have been the most consistent and involved with me all the way through."

"Tennessee is another team you can put up there at the top, but they haven't offered yet. I used to say, if Tennessee offered I would commit on the spot, but now I am not so sure. They were my childhood favorite, but Auburn has really showed a lot of interest in me and recruited me well."

"After those two, it would be South Carolina, Georgia Southern and Georgia to finish out my favorites."

Has Ahmad Mayo attended any games to this point and does he have any games on his schedule in the future?

"Georgia invited me to the Georgia Southern game, but I couldn't make it due to a family emergency. I plan on going to Auburn this weekend for the LSU game if it doesn't get canceled. I plan on getting to a Georgia Southern and University of Georgia game too before the season is up."

Does Mayo have any official visits set up?

"Nah, not yet…all I know is I will definitely visit Auburn. That is the only one I know right now. I plan on having all the visits set up by the end of the season. I plan on taking my visits before making my decision."

Mayo is not happy with how his senior year has started out, but he hopes to come back healthy and have a great second half to finish up his high school career.

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