Trott Likes New Look Tigers

Talented tight end prospect Tommy Trott discusses his unofficial visit to the Plains to check out the Auburn vs. LSU game.

Montgomery, Ala.--Tommy Trott, who is arguably the top high school prospect in the state of Alabama this year, was on the Plains this Saturday for an unofficial visit to watch Auburn take on LSU. The big tight end says he really enjoyed the trip and especially liked the Tigers' new look on offense.

"It was fun," Trott says of the weekend. "Probably the coolest thing about it was seeing Auburn's new style of offense. I mean, all that motion and stuff and tight ends split out wide sometimes and then trips that was cool."

The Trinity Presbyterian standout adds that he really enjoyed getting to see the Tigers' tight end Cooper Wallace get involved in the game plan. "Toward the end of the game he grabbed two right over the middle and one deep ball, but that was cool," he says. "I wish he would have kept his feet on that one and maybe he could have got into the end zone, but he made a good catch on it."

Trott is a big tight end with great hands and the speed to get deep.

Trott notes that he enjoyed talking with some people before the game, but the biggest part of his day was yet to come. "I talked to some of the coaches before hand," he says. "A lot of tight ends were there, Charles Hoke, Andrew McCain, Gabe McKenzie, all of those guys were there and I talked to a lot of them. But most importantly, I saw one heck of a game.

"It was awesome," Trott says about Auburn's 10-9 victory over the defending national champions from LSU. "What an ending, and that stadium got nuts at one point. I couldn't believe it. I have been to many an Auburn game, but never heard it get that loud. It was crazy."

After the game the tight end got to join the Tigers' in the locker room for the victory celebration. "You could tell they had just won a big game and they were having fun down there and it was cool," Trott says about the post-game celebration. "It was a real cool place to be. I talked to most of the D-linemen. I didn't really talk to any of the tight ends or anyone else. We just hung around a lot of the D-linemen. I talked to Jay Ratliff and that is about it."

The six-foot-four, 240-pound tight end also notes, however, that he did get to meet another Tiger prior to the game. "I met Bo Jackson before the game," Trott says. "It was pretty cool. He told me I need to put on weight, and I was like thanks Bo."

Trott says he also got the chance to talk with Tommy Tuberville during his visit. "Before the game me and my family talked to him and Coach Ensminger in the Heisman room for about 10 minutes," the prospect explains. "But, not so much about me, but more about the hurricane and their game and stuff like that. He is really easy to talk to. He doesn't ever pressure anyone to commit. I don't even think he has ever said the word commit to me. He just always talks."

Trott adds that as a very heavily recruited prospect, Tuberville's attitude when talking to him really stands out in his mind. "Yeah, definitely because everywhere you go you are talking to coaches and you are trying to think of how you are going to, if they mention committing to you, how you are going to get around it, in a good way," Trott explains. "And I never really have to worry about that with Coach Tuberville, usually we just talk and it goes real smooth, and I like that about him."

All in all, Trott says that his unofficial visit to the Plains could not have gone any better. "I mean, with the game and everything it was definitely a 10," he says.

With Hurricane Ivan passing through Alabama on Thursday all of the high school games in the state were cancelled this weekend, and Trott says he wasn't too happy about that.

"It kind of sucks, but oh well," the senior notes. "Maybe it was good rest. I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and so it gives that thing a little bit of time for the swelling to go down because if you keep playing on it everyday it stays big.

"I am running on it fine," Trott adds about his ankle. "I just get it taped up and have got a little brace on it, but I would say it is 100 percent. It might be easier to sprain or roll again, but I don't think about it when I am out there."

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