Rosegreen's Focus Is On Moving Ahead

Auburn, Ala.--Despite grabbing an interception with nine seconds left on the clock to seal the Tigers' 10-9 victory over an <!--Default NodeId For LSU is 71055,2004--><A HREF=>LSU</A> team that crushed Auburn 31-7 in Baton Rouge last season, <!--Default NodeId For Junior Rosegreen is 1395660,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1395660]>Junior Rosegreen</A> says that he does not have any intention of reveling in the emotional win or his big play. <P>

"Yeah, I just look at it as what happened Saturday," Rosegreen says about his game-clinching interception. "We are looking forward to playing the team we are about to play and trying and get better and better as the games go by."

The senior safety adds that he and his teammates' biggest task for right now is to keep their minds moving forward throughout the season. "Yeah, as long as we take play by play and game by game I think we are going to be all right," he notes. "We can't lose focus and we can't lose our goals. As long as we keep sight of our goals, I think we are going to be all right."

Junior Rosegreen is the most experienced player on the Auburn defense.

The talented senior adds that he and his defensive teammates have learned quite a bit about dealing with expectations after a tough season in 2003. "You can't go off the hype, you have got to play football, you have got to play team football, you have got to hustle and you have got to gel together as a defense," Rosegreen explains about the lessons he learned from last year. "And that is what we did.

"We knew it was going to be a fight to the finish against LSU," he adds. "I mean, they are a great team and we are a pretty good team. So, we are just going to keep coming out and working hard and doing the little things to get better."

Rosegreen also explains that he has seen a new level of awareness through three games on the 2004 version of the Auburn defense. "Oh yeah, I looked at it like last year happened for a reason because we had all of the hype coming in and we had the big heads," the safety says. "But, this year, I would say we have got the more calm heads and everybody is a little more focused.

"We had the big names last year, but nine times out of ten that doesn't mean nothing. As long as you play within the defense everything will be all right."

The 6-0, 200-pounder says that the no-name philosophy is the driving force behind this year's defensive mentality. "We are coming at every game with a chip on our shoulder," Rosegreen explains. "There ain't nobody on the defense known, that is how we put it in our minds so we are no namers and we are going to come out there and make a name for ourselves.

"We play together," he adds about the defensive chemistry that is quickly developing among the group. "It's just like out there--they ran a reverse to Carlos' (Rogers) side and he missed the tackle and I backed him up. That is what teammates do. He had him going east and west. We want him to do that because of our speed. As long as you get them running east and west our speed is going to cover ground on that and that is what Carlos did and I backed him up and helped him out."

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