Jamoga Shakes Free For Big Day Vs. Bulldogs

Auburn, Ala.--For redshirt sophomore wide receiver Jamoga Ramsey, Saturday's 33-3 Auburn victory over The Citadel is a football game he will never forget.

Going into his third season of working in obscurity as a walk-on, Ramsey moved into the spotlight for the first time as he caught four passes for 61 yards to lead all Auburn receivers. Number 13 was able to escape the pass coverage to catch a nine-yard touchdown pass from Brandon Cox for his first collegiate score.

Ramsey makes a sideline catch vs. The Citadel.

"It has been tough (being a walk-on), but I knew the time would come," Ramsey said. "Luckily, the day came and it paid off.

"It was real special," Ramsey added. "We came out there to work on a lot of things and we tried to get better. We feel like we have the team to go a lot of places, but it is ourselves that is going to stop us. We are out there every day focusing on getting better.

"I knew I was going to get some opportunities this game," the 5-I0, 162-pounder said. "I wasn't expecting the game I had, obviously. I knew my time was going to come and this game was going to be a chance to prove something."

Ramsey's teammates and coaches appeared more excited than the Auburn sophomore over the walk-on's touchdown catch than Ramsey did. "My wide receiver coach (Greg Knox) and my friends are really happy," Ramsey noted.

Ten Auburn receivers caught 22 passes for 359 yards, but Ramsey got the only touchdown reception. Cox, who was rolling left on the play, threw the pass to Ramsey, who was close to the sideline in the end zone. Ramsey got both feet down in-bounds after grabbing the pass.

"I was thinking basically, here it is," Ramsey said in remembering his scoring opportunity. "I was thinking that this is my one chance. I have to take advantage of it. I ha an idea I was near the boundary, but I got my feet down. That is something that comes naturally because we practice it every day."

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