The Man From Magnolia

This Mississippi lineman has the Tigers in the lead for his services.

Taylorsville, Miss.--One of the top linemen in the country says he has basically narrowed his choices down to two colleges.

At 6-4, 293 pounds, Tim Duckworth is a mountain of a player who excels on both defense and offense, but projects as a defensive tackle on the next level. A high school teammate of Auburn starting quarterback Jason Campbell, Duckworth says that makes the Tigers tough to beat right now but Ole Miss is still solidly in the picture.

"Auburn would be my favorite because of Jason," he tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. Taking every chance to talk to his former high school teammate, Duckworth says that Campbell makes Auburn sound like a place he would want to play. "Every time I talk to him he says something like, ‘You need to come on up here, it's exciting up here'. I go up there and visit myself and I like it up there."

Tim Duckworth

A frequent visitor to the Plains for games this fall, Duckworth attended a two-day camp at Auburn that was loaded with prospects this summer where he quickly caught the eyes of the Auburn coaches. Showing athleticism and strength rarely seen in a high school lineman, Duckworth notes that early playing time could be a factor in which school he ultimately chooses.

"Other than Auburn and Ole Miss, I'm looking at Tennessee and Southern Miss," he says. "I like that they (Ole Miss) need some defensive linemen. I know that for sure. They're going to have a young team coming back. I like the way they've got the defense. They've just got small people on defense and I believe a person with my size can go in there and have a good chance of starting or have a lot of playing time."

At this point, he has only set one official visit and that is with Auburn on January 11th. Duckworth notes that there are also some things about the Tigers he enjoys as well. "I like the way Auburn's defense just lines up and kills people. They line up and go. That is the real reason why I would rather play defense up there."

Helping Taylorsville to a 9-3 record in his senior year, Duckworth finished with 89 tackles and six sacks from his defensive tackle position. Also a standout offensive lineman, he had 35 pancake blocks. Not bashful when describing his talents, Duckworth describes attributes perfectly.

"I take both speed and power to weaken my opponent," he notes. "They look at me and see how big I am and I guess they kind of figure I can't move fast. I surprise them with that and then I hit them with the power I have."

Tiger Ticket Extra:Not your normal high school student, Duckworth enjoys the arts when he's not knocking heads on the football field. A vital member of the school choir and also a participant in several school plays, the lineman brings more to the table than meets the eye.

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