A Lot To Like Auburn Offensive Lineman Says

One of the group of offensive linemen who kept their quarterback from being sacked talks about the play of the now 7-0 Tigers.

Auburn, Ala.--One of the major reasons Jason Campbell was able to have his best ever passing day in a big SEC victory over Arkansas was a good job of protection from the offensive line.

The Auburn quarterback threw 19 passes and didn't take a sack. Most of the time he didn't have to throw his passes under pressure.

"Today was a great step for the offense," said senior center Jeremy Ingle. "We could run the ball and throw the ball. We had a great variation of our plays.

"We knew this was a big game for us--a big step to start toward the championships and what we want to do. We knew we had to take care of this one first so I am proud of us."

Ingle sat out of last week's victory over Louisiana Tech due to several nagging injuries. He was ready to get back in the action in Auburn's 38-20 victory over Arkansas as the Tigers improved to 7-0 overall and 4-0 in the SEC.

"I was itching for it last week watching those guys out there," he said. "I kind of felt like I let them down a little bit even though we beat Louisiana Tech so bad. I hated not being out there, but I had some fresh legs running around out there today. I am just glad to be back out there."

Jeremy Ingle prepares to snap the ball to Jason Campbell on Saturday.

Ingle said it is fun playing with his senior quarterback who hit 17-19 passes vs. the Razorbacks for three TDs and 297 yards.

"Jason is playing unbelievable," Ingle said. "I don't think anybody is playing any better than he is in the country. His QB rating must be off the chart. It seems like every pass we throw is a completion. When you have a guy back there doing that your confidence just swells and swells. Now it is just like when Jason is throwing the ball it is a sure first down.

"Overall I thought we had a good day protecting him, but we can definitely improve," Ingle added. "They did some things on defense that kind of confused us a couple of times, but other than that we did really well. We kept them off him most of the time. Hopefully, we can continue to do that."

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