Lindsey Ready For His Final Shot At Dawgs

Danny Lindsey talks about his final game against the home-state Bulldogs, his last game in Jordan-Hare Stadium and working at both guard and center heading into the contest.

Auburn, Ala.--Senior guard Danny Lindsey, who says that in a way it feels like his college career has passed too quickly, wants to make his last home game as a Tiger a memorable one for a number of reasons.

"It has flown by," he says about his four years on the Plains. "It feels like it has been a short four years, but it has been so long on the other hand. But, it is my last game at Jordan-Hare and I want to make the best of it. It is playing my home state and my hometown Georgia fans and it is my last chance against them so I need to go out winning."

The Douglas, Ga., native says that having an off-week right before the Georgia game only helped to remind him how much he wants to finish his final home game with a win. "After going back home you realize how many Georgia fans are in my hometown," the center notes. "I went back home last weekend and that is all you see. We have got a select handful that are Auburn fans, but all you see are Georgia flags and see newspapers talking about how they are going to spoil our season.

"So, it is just a big game for me, but I am just going to take it as any other game," the senior adds. "I want to win it as much as I want to win every other game we play this year. It is just another bump in the road we have got to take care of--come out and handle business and get the job done."

The 6-3, 302-pounder adds that the 26-7 whipping that the Bulldogs laid on the Tigers in Sanford Stadium last November adds more motivation for this weekend's contest. "It was a rough game," he says. "It was my home state and going in there and losing to them--I think in the first half we had about four yards rushing and we might have had less than that.

"I remember going into the locker room at half time and looking around and everybody was trying to get everybody up and we thought we were going to come back the second half and come back and play with them--the defense was playing pretty good," he continues. "And, all I remember was losing in Athens in my last chance to play over there, and it wasn't a good feeling."

Danny Lindsey works on his technique during practice.

The four-year starter adds that the last minute 2002 loss at home was perhaps an even tougher pill for his team to swallow, but notes that game provides the 2004 Tigers with an important lesson. "That was a little worse than last year," Lindsey notes. "Fourth and 15 and they throw it up and catch it in the back of the end zone. We were winning that whole game and they came back from behind and won. We have just got to try and get them out of the game early, you know, play our A game, come out strong and get up on them and keep the ball on offense and let the defense rest."

Lindsey says that if he and his fellow linemen are going to have that A game on Saturday, they will have to remember what they have learned during their two weeks of preparation time for the showdown vs. Georgia.

"We have watched almost every game they have played so far," he says. "You take stuff from every game they play, learn their fronts, when they are trying to blitz and so forth. You watch every game and pick out the defense to see what they are going to blitz and where they are going to blitz from based on each play, and just go out there and make calls based on the defensive front that they are in."

He also says that even if they make all the right calls at the line, the Bulldogs still have plenty of talented athletes on defense that can make plays. "Up front they are pretty big guys," Lindsey says. "They move around good and their defensive ends are quick. They have got real good linebackers that are real quick."

Along with having the difficult task of preparing to play in a Top Five matchup against one of the most talented defensive teams in the country, Lindsey has the even more daunting task of trying to prepare for two positions.

Due to the Tigers' lack of depth at the center spot, which lost its top reserve Steven Ross last week with a torn ACL in a non-contact drill, Lindsey has spent the last week preparing to play at center. If senior starter Jeremy Ingle, who injured his ankle during the Kentucky game and didn't play against Ole Miss, couldn't play Lindsey has to be ready to go. However, that doesn't appear to be the case, but Lindsey will still go into the game as the Tigers' number two center while starting at guard.

"I am working on just trying to get the technique down as good as I can because it is different going from guard to center," Lindsey explains. "I think it is a little easier going from center to guard than it is coming back from guard to center."

Lindsey has been a fixture in the starting lineup in recent seasons.

Lindsey notes that this is not the first time he has been called upon to be ready to go at both spots. "My sophomore year I was starting at guard every game except for two that I played at center so I did some--go back and forth," he explains. "I have been in this situation before and it is nothing new."

Even with all of his experience and poise on the field, Lindsey says that hopefully he is just now reaching the pinnacle of his game as the Tigers are heading into the stretch run of what could be an unbeaten season for the 2004 team.

"I think I have grown as a player both mentally and physically," he says. "I think I have gotten better as the years have come, and we have still got four more games and I feel like I can still get a little better. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year I will be playing at the top of my level."

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