State's #1 Prospect Will Attend Iron Bowl

<b>Tommy Trott</b> will travel to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Auburn game, but will have a tough game the night before as Trinity hosts Handley in the second round of the playoffs.

"We beat Bibb County 45-7  Friday night. I had one rushing touchdown when I was playing fullback. That was the only touchdown I had in the game. They had some good athletes, but just not too many. We are going to play Handley  Friday night at Home. It should be a really good game," said Tommy Trott.

All season, it has been an in-state battle for the top prospect in the state. Monday night, the Crimson Tide landed one of the top tight end prospects in the southeast.

When asked if this would effect his college decision, Trott replied, " I heard about Charles (Hoke) committing. Coach Randolph (Alabama) called me last night, but I missed the call. I am happy for him (Hoke). He is getting to go where he has always wanted to go. It seems like every time I was at Alabama, he was always there, and we have become pretty good friends. I don't think his decision will effect mine at all. I am going to have to talk with the Alabama coaches, and see if they want to sign only one tight end or two, though."

With Hoke's announcement, Trott is waiting to see what the Alabama coaches are going to do before he makes any decision.

"I really don't know right now. It is going to be interesting to see if the coaches stay in close contact with me."

The in-state battle continues for Trott.

"It is still between Alabama and Auburn. They are equal. Miami is right behind them."

Trott was in attendance at the Auburn/Georgia game and came away  impressed with the Tigers.

"It was really good. Auburn is very good. I really didn't think they were that good, but they are."

While on the Plains, Trott did speak with a few coaches and a couple of players.

"I mainly talked to Coach Whitt and Coach Ensminger. The players I talked to were Brett (Eddins), Ronnie Brown, and Jay Ratliff. Coach Tuberville and Coach Whitt called me tonight."

The four star tight end and the state's number one prospect expects the Iron Bowl to be a good game.

"I am going down on an unofficial visit. I think it is going to be a better game than most people expect. I saw the line on the game and I figured it would be bigger. I think it is going to be a really close game because of Alabama's defense and their running game," said Trott.

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