Singing Linebacker Calls AU "Linebacker Heaven"

Ryan Stamper gives a variety of reasons to sing the praises of the Auburn football program he will be joining next year.

Jacksonville, Fla.--Ryan Stamper, who verbally committed to play for Auburn this week, notes that when he sat down to think about his college decision he discovered a number of reasons to go ahead and make his selection.

"I kind of felt that it was the place for me," Stamper says about Auburn. "I had already been to camp there for two years, I went to the spring game, I went to Auburn-Georgia. Just the people, the fans and the coaches, all that impressed me a lot.

"Then, Coach (Joe) Whitt is a great linebacker coach and I can learn a lot from him," the 6-3, 220-pound linebacker adds. "He sends players to the NFL almost every year. That is like linebacker heaven."

The talented defender, who racked up 120 tackles, six sacks and two interceptions as a senior, adds that in the end the gameday experience and Auburn's reputation just pushed him over the top.

"When I went to the Auburn-Georgia game it was the atmosphere," Stamper notes about what stood out the most. "The atmosphere was unbelievable up there on gameday. So, that was a real good experience. Then, ever since I was young I knew about Auburn being known for linebackers--before I even played linebacker. So, I think I could learn a lot at Auburn."

Stamper notes that he has been keeping up with the Tigers' recruiting efforts all season and knows that he will be joining a talented group of prospects. "From what I hear Auburn has got one of the best recruiting linebacker classes this year so I am excited to be with those guys too," he says.

Ryan Stamper

Along with being a talented player on the football field and a good student, Stamper says that he has picked up another extra-curricular activity this winter, even if it wasn't with the purest of intentions. "Honestly, I got in the chorus because it is my senior year and I know they go on a lot of field trips," the senior explains about his newest out of class activity. "I can't say I did it for the--Yeah, you could say I did for the field trips. But, honestly the chorus has taught me a lot though.

"At first, I went in and didn't know anything about music and I couldn't sing at all," Stamper adds. "I just knew they went on a lot of field trips and almost the whole school was in the chorus. When we go on a field trip all of my friends are gone. I like it a lot and it has taught me about music and it has kind of taught me how to sing. I kind of know how to sing a little bit now."

The singing linebacker adds that he got to take one of those field trips on Monday and Tuesday to Orlando for a choral event.

As for other sports, Stamper says that he has decided to give them up this season. "Yeah, that is it," the senior says about chorus being his only remaining activity this year. "I played basketball, but I wanted to dedicate myself to the weight room and get myself ready for college so I gave up basketball."

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