Tigers Pop Pads In Tuesday's Football Practice

A report is featured as the Tigers continue to prepare to play Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.

Auburn, Ala.--The Auburn Tigers had their fourth full pads football practice of bowl preparation on Tuesday in the their next to last workout before breaking for Christmas.

Coach Tommy Tuberville said he liked what he saw as the Tigers worked on the game plan and had contact drills on a warm and sunny day.

Senior center Jeremy Ingle, who continues to practice with an ankle sprain, said that he was surprised at how much contact the Tigers have had. "This is the first time since preseason that we have hit for four practices in a row and I can feel it," he said. "I really wasn't expecting that much contact for the bowl practices."

Tuberville said he thinks the Tigers need the physical workouts. "The main thing is we have had a lot of contact," the coach said. "I am a full believer if you come out and go just through the motions you don't get much out it for the game you are going to play.

"We have kind of used this as a mini-spring practice," Tuberville noted. "Even the older guys have had a lot of contact. We are trying to keep our timing as much as we can. There is a lot on the line for this game.

"These are hard practices," Tuberville said. "We are going to continue that for the first three days once we get to New Orleans and we are going to continue to work with the younger guys. There are a lot of reps for everybody, both young and old."

The coaches will report to New Orleans for the Jan. 3rd Sugar Bowl game vs. Virginia Tech on Dec. 27th. The players will arrive a day later.

Following the practice, Tuberville headed to Samford Hall for a second straight day to have discussions with interim president Dr. Ed Richardson about a new contract and the athletic director situation.

"The contract talks went good," Tuberville said. "We haven't finished. It looks good. The president and I had a good hour talk about a lot of different things. We are both on the same page--whatever is best for Auburn."

Offensive coordinator Al Borges had the quarterbacks and receivers stay late after practice to work on the passing game vs. the linebackers and defensive backs. He said he liked what he saw.

Borges also spent part of the post-practice looking at the young players on offense and a variety of redshirted players.

"When you have a lot of time to prepare it is nice you can show the offense a lot of looks of things that you might see in the bowl game," Borges said. "We also worked with some of the young kids after practice and that was good.

"I also think it was good having some time off," Borges added. "I think it was very helpful. The kids have been very upbeat. I think the time off was good for the coaches, too. A football season is long. It is kind of a grind."

Ingle said the players are excited about heading to New Orleans, which he says is a well-known party town he has visited a few times around Mardi Gras with fellow football players. However, he said he and his teammates are going to be serious about staying undefeated.

"I plan to go out and enjoy myself the first couple of days there, but after that I will be staying in to make sure I am ready to play the best game I can play," the senior said. "I plan on finishing this season 13-0."

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