Tuberville: "I Will Be The Head Coach At Auburn"

Coach Tommy Tuberville talks about his future at Auburn, contract negotiations and taking care of his assistant coaches.

Auburn, Ala.–-With a new athletic director in place with the hiring of Jay Jacobs on Wednesday, Auburn can now get down to the business of locking down football coach Tommy Tuberville for a long time. Tuberville says that the contract negotiations are almost done and he's happy to be staying in Auburn for what he hopes is a long time.

"I'm the head coach at Auburn and will be the head coach at Auburn," Tuberville says. "We have worked on my contract. It is not signed, but we have agreed on the years and the salary part. The main thing for me is the number of years. It will be seven years. Jay will be in on that. Since this morning we have talked about it and he's excited about it.

"I just want to make it easier for Jay in that standpoint that he doesn't have to worry about the football part. He can worry about a lot of other things, but the football won't be a problem. We're going to take care of that and I'll work along with him to make football better as we go. Contract wise, I'm here and looking forward to it and excited about it. I'm looking forward to a good Christmas."

Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik is just one of the coaches Tuberville is concerned about taking care of this offseason.

"Obviously with the things that have happened here the last 12 months, what a turnaround," Tuberville said. "I'm excited about the support I got last season after all the things had happened. I'm very thankful for the support of Dr. (Ed) Richardson and Coach (Hal) Baird to the point from where we started the season and throughout the season. The Auburn family was on our side all the time. I appreciate their help up to this point and it's just gotten better and better. I'm excited about the future."

The final details of the contract are still in the works and Tuberville says that he expects to sign it within a couple of months. That's how long the revisions take with each side making sure the contract is worded exactly as they wish. Until then Tuberville says he'll be working towards getting his assistant coaches the rewards they deserve for an undefeated season.

"Those are almost completed," Tuberville says of his assistant's contracts. "We've almost completed those anyway. I wanted those done before I got mine done because it doesn't make any difference if I was satisfied, it's all about my coaches. I want them to understand they're the most important part of this program. I'm only as successful as they are. They will be rewarded by the university, by Dr. Richardson, by Hal Baird and myself. I hope to have them together a long time. Continuity is the biggest part of success and that's the reason why we had the success we had this year. I'm looking forward to being together a long time."

With jobs opening up left and right around college football teams will come calling on Tuberville because of his accomplishments to this point in his career. While it may be tempting for other schools to think about him when the time comes, he says that there's no need to bother because he's got the job he wants and he's got it for the long haul.

"I'm done," Tuberville says. "Hopefully it's a few more years than seven years. But, seven years is a good start."

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