Offensive Lineman Talks About Visit To AU

This offensive lineman talks about his visit to Auburn over the weekend.

Prattville, Ala.--One player the Auburn coaches didn't have to worry about wooing this past weekend was center William Ward. Firmly committed since early in his senior year, the 6-2, 250 pound Ward notes that his weekend visit was everything he expected it to be and just re-affirmed his commitment to the Tigers.

"I had a great time," he tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "I got to meet a lot of the prospects and of course I had already met most of the coaches but I got to talk to them. I just had a great time."

Hosted by offensive lineman Taylor Bourgeois from Nashville, Ward says that everything went great and they really got along well despite having never met before the weekend. He also notes that they had a chance to spend time with several other players throughout the visit and that was the most enjoyable thing of all.

"I didn't know him before I came on my visit but after spending a little time with him it was great," Ward says. "We spent a little time with Will Herring and his player host Jake Slaughter. I also met Tyrone Martin, Justin Bruce and T.J. (Jackson). I met more people than I can remember."

With a half dozen players on campus last weekend who had already committed to the Tigers mingling with some of the top prospects still considering Auburn, the chances for interaction and question time were abundant. Knowing that many of these recruits could be future teammates, Ward says he had a good time just meeting and talking to as many as possible.

"It's interesting to find out who all is recruiting them," Ward notes. "Some of the people get recruited by the same schools as you. You get their take on what they think of other coaches, what they think about Auburn. It's just interesting to talk to other people. You know what you think about everything but to hear what some of the other players think about it, you kind of get sheltered from that playing ball because you only talk to people on your own team. Then when you get to talk to somebody else it's kind of like seeing what it's like on the other side of the fence."

The other side of the fence for many is uncertainty. The uncertainty of deciding which school is the best for them to continue their education. While many are still pondering decisions, Ward says he believes many know what they're going to do but just try to make fans and coaches sweat a little bit before they tell of their decision.

"By now you have to figure that most guys would know what they are going to do," he notes. "It's just if they are disclosing it or not. That's up to them. But you figure most guys know pretty much where they are going to go. I had a few of them ask me some questions about why I chose to commit so early. I feel like most of them have made up their minds."

A standout player for the Lions as a senior, he was the anchor on an offensive line that helped Prattville become one of the top rushing teams in Alabama last fall. Also an outstanding long snapper, Ward says that he is looking forward to getting his senior year behind him so he can start his career as an Auburn Tiger.

Tiger Ticket Extra: Loaded with potential college prospects, Prattville is expected to have as many as 9 players sign college scholarships in February. Among those is defensive end Kyle Tatum, who is headed to Tuscaloosa. That could make for some interesting battles in the coming years as former teammates wage war in the Iron Bowl on opposite sides of the ball.

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