Talented Defender Has Super Senior Season

This talented football prospect, who played very well as a senior, is getting a lot of attention from college recruiters.

Mobile, Ala.—Antonio Coleman has been known as one of the most talented prospects in the state of Alabama for the 2005 recruiting class and the Williamson High defensive lineman proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt with a productive showing on the field during his senior season.

"We finished 10-3," Coleman says about his team. "I had 154 tackles, 22 sacks, 36 hurries, four safeties, 7-9 in field goals and I had three or four blocked kicks. I made the Super 12 team and 5A Lineman of the Year--that is about it. I played a little tight end on offense, but it was all blocking."

The defensive end, who also played inside at tackle this season as well, adds that winning the Lineman of the Year award was an especially gratifying honor. "I was the runner-up for it last year," he explains. "I went up to Birmingham and I thought I had a good chance to win it last year, but after we left Birmingham I said, ‘Coach, don't worry about it we will be back and this time we are going to win it.' So, from that point on I had my mind set on winning it."

With those types of awards and defensive numbers gracing his resume, the 6-3, 222-pounder with speed in the 4.6 range says that he has been getting plenty of attention from college recruiters. "I got visits from the head coach of LSU on Thursday (Les Miles), Coach Tuberville (Auburn's Tommy Tuberville) and Coach Wyatt from Alabama," Coleman notes. "Yeah, it was real busy."

Coleman says that he enjoyed his laid back visit with Auburn's head coach. "He just talked about what position I wanted to play, where they are needing a little help in and how he thinks the team can only get better and how their recruiting classes have been going the last couple of years," the defender says about his visit with Tuberville.

He adds that he and the coach also talked more about the Tigers' defense, which has been near the top of the national defensive statistical categories for two years. "They have a great defense," Coleman says. "Like he (Tuberville) was telling me they have some linebackers back. He said they need a couple of ends, you know. I was talking with him he was telling me that they need to make a couple of adjustments on defense, but the defense is probably going to be the same because a lot of them were young and they have got a lot of great recruits in."

The talented prospect also notes that he was not surprised by the Auburn's 13-0 run through the 2004 season. "I knew they could do it with Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown," he says. "I knew they had a great team coming back so it didn't surprise me. I am thinking about the future. After these guys leave, if I come up there, what kind of seasons we would have.

The defender explains that he also enjoyed his first meeting with LSU's new head coach Les Miles. "I think he is a great coach," he says. "We talked for a while and I am supposed to be going down there on the 28th, I think. I just want to get up there and meet all of the coaches and see how I feel. I also talked to (LSU quarterback) JaMarcus (Russell). He came down, too."

Coleman, who visited Alabama over the weekend and has set visits with Southern Miss for the 14th and Auburn for the 21st, now says that he will visit LSU on the 28th and even notes he may try and squeeze in one more trip as well.

The senior, who says that he wants to play defensive end on the college level, notes that he knows what he wants to accomplish on each of his official visits. "I want to talk to the position coach and the head coach, obviously, when I get up there. I want to ask them why do they think I can contribute or help their team and their program. Just walk around and get a feel for their campus and tour the academic centers--that is first. But, I just want to get a feel for the campus and get to sit down with the coaches."

Now with football recruiting kicking into high gear over the next month, Coleman says that he will be pretty busy because he is still working hard on the hardwood. "I play power forward and center," he notes. "I think I am averaging, I would say like, 20 points and 14 rebounds per game. Yeah, I have got to stay in shape."

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