Football Recruit Doing Some Recruiting Of His Own

This current Auburn commitment talks about his senior season, his upcoming official visit and the recruiting he is doing for the Tigers.

Columbus, Ga.--Michael Harness was Auburn's first verbal commitment for the 2005 signing class back in April of 2004 and despite continuing to hear from colleges like Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida and Oklahoma throughout the season, Harness says that his commitment to the Tigers is as solid as a rock and adds that he is trying to do some recruiting of his own for Auburn.

"I have been pushing him real hard," Harness says about his Pacelli High teammate Matt Dunham, who will be visiting Auburn officially over the weekend along with Harness. "I really hope he does (come to Auburn) because I think he could probably get some early playing time somewhere because he can play more than just running back.

"He is a good safety and he has the size to play linebacker or D-end," he continues. "So, he can come in and play anywhere and that is what I am telling him. At Florida State they just want him to come in and play safety or D-end, or something like that, and I have been telling him that if he comes to Auburn he can do whatever he wants because he is an athlete like that."

Harness adds that a trio of Pacelli players, that includes himself and Dunham, have become very close over the past couple of years. "Me, Matt and Kalvin (Baker, a Florida commitment) are all good friends," he notes. "We hang out on the weekends, we do school work together and we have most of our classes together so we are kind of like a family. All of our families are real close. We are talking about that if we are all going to be playing each other, which families are going to travel with whom. We are all good friends and I wish the best to both of them and I just hope that Matt comes to Auburn."

Big Michael Harness

The 6-2 1/2, 290-pound lineman, who notes that he really enjoyed his senior season except for not making a deep run into the Georgia state playoffs, says that he feels like he had a very productive year on a personal level. "I really don't care about the stats," Harness explains. "I know I had a good year, probably better than last year, and I still made All-State and all that so I had to do kind of good to get that."

The Vikings' standout adds that he believes he has really progressed under the tutelage of the coaching at Pacelli High. "I think my last two years over at Pacelli have helped me out a lot with my offensive line play because my first two years over at my old school wasn't helping me," Harness says. "The coaches didn't know what they were doing, but Coach Battle and Coach Pettis know what they are talking about and I thank them for getting me my scholarship for next year."

Harness says that he feels like one of his best attributes is that he is a man of his word, on and off the football field. "I think my strength is that I am a good teammate," he says. "If I tell somebody that I am going to do something I am going to do it. I played left tackle so I was blocking my quarterback's blind side and I told him I had him and I didn't give up a sack this year or last year in pass blocking."

He also says that he is really looking forward to the challenge that is facing him when he reports to Auburn later this year. "When I come in I am going to work hard and see if I can get some early playing time, but if I don't that will be all right as long as I am on the team, working. "

The talented senior has made a number of trips to the Auburn campus for football camps and unofficial visits over the past year, but adds that he has some specific things he is excited about experiencing when he takes his official visit to the Plains this weekend.

"I am looking forward to hanging out with my future teammates and some of the other people that have committed," Harness says. "I want to meet up with them and talk to them for a while and try and get Matt (Dunham) to see if he can do something.

"This is like my first step at starting my next journey, which is college so I am real happy," he continues. "I can't wait for this weekend to start and I don't want it to end, but I know it will so I am just ready for next year."

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