Productive LB Ready For His Official Visit

This talented high school senior football prospect talks about his official visit to Auburn.

Jacksonville, Fla.--Ryan Stamper, who committed to Auburn in late November, says that he is excited about his official visit to the Plains that is scheduled for this weekend and adds that he has a whole list of things that he wants to do while he is in town.

"Just seeing a little bit of Auburn that I haven't seen yet, like where I would be staying," Stamper says about his plans for the visit. "Then, spending time with the coaches and getting to know the players that are going to be there with me and just having a good weekend."

He adds that with a long list of committed Auburn recruits among the official visitors he is interested in getting to know his future teammates better as well. "Yeah, I am real excited," he says. "Some of them I have seen at camp already, but I didn't really talk to them at camp because we only had a night to be there. But, I saw a couple of them and then saw on the Internet that they had committed. I just want to get to know the players a little bit and the coaches a little better and see how things are at Auburn."

After taking an official visit to North Carolina back in September, this will be Stamper's second official visit and he says there is a slight chance that he might take one more, but adds that is only because of a few lingering questions that he feels can be answered over the weekend. "I am not quite sure yet," he says about the possibility of taking another visit. "I will talk about that after the Auburn visit. I committed before I took an official visit so there are just some things that I haven't seen yet."

Ryan Stamper

Despite having a questions that almost every prospect has with such a big decision, Stamper says that he has had nothing but good things to focus on about Auburn since he made his commitment in November.

"It feels good that everyone knows that the team you are going to is undefeated and should have been playing in the national championship," tThe talented linebacker explains. "That feels good because all of the kids talk about it, and it just pushes the team for next year to do the same thing again and hopefully play in the championship. It also just shows that Auburn has good coaches and they found what they needed to find to win more ball games. It feels good coming to a program that was undefeated the previous year."

The First Coast High standout also notes that he believes Auburn should have definitely been selected to play in the national championship game. "Of course I thought they should have been playing in it, but I definitely thought they should have been playing in it after I saw what the final outcome was with the game," he says. "Oklahoma got murdered and with Auburn it would have definitely been a game."

He adds that he was certainly surprised by the outcome of the Orange Bowl and that he had predicted things would go a bit differently. "I was surprised because I thought Oklahoma was going to win," he explains. "I saw it as USC--they were undefeated, too, but they almost lost to California, who got blown out in their bowl game and they almost lost to Stanford, too.

"And, they are not really in a big conference like Oklahoma's conference--well it (the Big 12) is not as big of a conference as the SEC, but it's bigger than the Pac-10," he continues. "So, Oklahoma was the best team in their conference and USC was the best team in their conference, but I thought a team from the Big 12 would beat USC because I just see the Pac-10 as being a weak conference."

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