Talented Prospect Not Taking Official Visit

This prospect said on Thursday night that he was canceling his visit to the Plains that was scheduled for this weekend.

New Orleans, La.--One of the Tigers' earliest commitments, Patrick Trahan from St. Augustine High, has cancelled his official visit scheduled to Auburn for the weekend.

"No, I am not going to visit Auburn this weekend," Trahan tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "I found out today."

Auburn fans eager to see the talented defender play for the Tigers next year have no cause for alarm, Trahan says. "It's because my mom has to go out of town."

Trahan says that he is actually not even worried about whether or not he gets to take an official visit. "I have been to Auburn so many times that it's not a big deal," he says. "I know Auburn's campus. I have been up there many times. It is really no big deal for me to go on an official visit. There is really not much they can show me because I have been to all the junior days and A-Day and I have been to campus about 10 times already."

The 6-3, 218-pounder adds that he is solid on his commitment to the Tigers with or without an official visit and that he doubted he would take a visit to Ole Miss even though he had previously thought about visiting Oxford.

Trahan may re-scheduled his Auburn visit for the following weekend, but isn't certain if that will work. "I am not sure because I am going to have to see if my mom and my brother are not going to be working because they took off for this weekend," he notes.

On the field, Trahan says that he as an individual and his team had polar opposite seasons in 2004. "Well, our season was kind of a disappointment," he explains. "We were picked to win state and win district, but we ended up 3-6.

"We kind of had problems with our team mechanics and our team didn't come together even though we had a lot of talent on our team. A lot of people didn't have their best years, but I had one of my best years. I think I finished with like 125 tackles, nine sacks, two interceptions and I believe 10 caused fumbles."

The talented defender adds that he feels like his strong senior season was due to the fact that he is always striving to improve his game.

"I think every year I have gotten better," Trahan says. "I know a lot of players that have peaked at certain times in their high school career and they got satisfied. I never really feel like I am satisfied with my playing ability and I always try and work harder to get better.

"I have been growing physically and mentally and learning the game more, and I think every year because of that I have had a better year," he says. "From my sophomore year to my senior year I am almost a completely different player."

Partick Trahan

With his senior season done and over, the St. Aug standout says that he is hitting the books. "Right now I am working at school and that is pretty much it," he notes. "I thought I was out of shape, but I played in an all-star game. I haven't ran since our last game and I came in played in the all-star game and it was like I hadn't missed a step and actually it was like I had gotten better. It was just kind of weird so I am not going to start working out until later on this spring."

He adds, however, that he may pick up one more activity during the spring sports season. "I might help out my track team, but I have run track every year I have been at St. Aug," Trahan says. "We have won the state championship every year and I just felt like there was no need for me to run track because they have other people that are just as talented as me and it gives them the chance to try and win the title. If I do run track this year I will probably just long jump."

After he graduates, the defender says that he would like to make a quick turnaround and move to Auburn for the summer semester. "Yeah, I want to try and get to Auburn as soon as possible so I can get into the groove of things because I want to try and play as soon as I can." he explains.

Trahan also notes that he is starting to get a good feel for the position he would like to play on the college level.

"Most people would say that I am kind of tall to play at safety," he says. "A lot of people want to see me play at linebacker, but I have really been looking at it and with my style of play--I am really physical, but I think one of the best things I can do in football is covering. I know defenses and I know offenses and I think my best position would probably be at safety.

"That is where I could be more involved in the game in the passing and running game," he continues. "I think me playing safety at maybe 225 or 230 in college I could be a force on the run and in the passing game. I really feel comfortable playing safety."

While most of the Tigers' commitments found out from the Tigers' coaching staff about former defensive coordinator Gene Chizik's departure, Trahan says he had a bit of a different experience.

"I was kind of shocked when I found out," he says. "I was being interviewed and the person interviewing me asked me about it and I didn't know it happened so I was kind of shocked. I called coach Knox and talked to him about it an he assured me that everything would remain the same with me and Auburn, and I'm committed to Auburn so it is not going to change how I feel about the school."

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