Two-Way Line Star Looks At His Final Four

This All-State lineman discusses his favorites as crunch time approaches for making his college pick.

Taylorsville, Miss.--Big Tim Duckworth's visit to Mississippi State this weekend was his fourth and final official recruiting visit.

It won't be long before the 6-4, 295-pound, two-way football star is ready to announce his collegiate pick. He has developed a reputation as one of the strongest and most imposing line prospects in the Southeast this year.

Duckworth was a second team All-State pick by the Jackson Clarion-Ledger as a junior and first team selection this past season as a defensive lineman.

In an interview with Inside the Auburn Tigers, Duckworth was asked for an overview of his final four, which he narrowed down from a long list of schools. Auburn is the only college outside the state of Mississippi the Taylorsville High star is considering.

"Southern Miss has got a good defense," he says of the Golden Eagles, whose campus is close to his home. "That is why I like them. If I am going to play defense in college, I want to be with the best.

"Ole Miss has got a good quarterback, but Auburn has got a good quarterback, too. I like Ole Miss. They need some help on defense so that is a reason I chose to visit them.

"Auburn has got my quarterback. Hopefully, I will get to play with him one more time whether it is in college or the NFL. I am thinking about coming up there to play with him or I may go somewhere else. Wherever I feel the most at home, that is where I am going to go.

"Mississippi State was like my last choice (for an official visit). I chose to visit them because it is somewhat close to home."

Tim Duckworth was a dominating football player for Taylorsville High.

Duckworth, who was in Auburn Jan. 11th-13th, had a very familiar face as his player host on the Plains. Second cousin Jason Campbell showed the big lineman around the Auburn campus. Duckworth says the two are good friends. Campbell was a nationally recruited teammate of Duckworth's two years ago as an all-everything quarterback at Taylorsville High.

Campbell was recruited by a large number of colleges and the same thing is happening to Duckworth, however, the end of that is in sight, the big lineman says. "Recruiting was pretty cool at first, but once everybody starts getting on you real, real hard it will drive you crazy if you let it get to you. It is pretty cool in a way, but it can get tiring."

Commenting on his trip to Auburn, Duckworth says, "I got to chill out with the coaches and the players and that is a good thing because I got to ask the players what do they think about the coaches and stuff. I got all good responses back. I had fun with the players and the coaches are cool.

"Auburn was everything I expected," Duckworth adds. "I had already been there and I had seen just about everything they were showing. I liked the jersey part (an Auburn jersey with his name and number was hanging in the team's locker room). That was cool."

Duckworth, who is currently playing basketball, also competes in baseball and track. "You name, I do it," he says of sports. He has surprisingly quick feet for such a large young man. His strength is a major asset, too, as he bench presses better than 400 pounds. In person, he looks like he could bench press the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Duckworth also has other talent. He was a standout in a recent school musical presentation. When asked if he is a blue-chip prospect as a singer, the big lineman laughed and said, "Yes sir, I can sing a little bit."

Duckworth won a big round of applause for his roles in the school production. "We got a variety of music, put it together and made a show out of it," he says. "It was cool. We had a chorus and opera of songs from the '80s and '60s. We sang a lot of songs that everybody knew like Aretha Franklin, The Temptations and that kind of stuff.

"My favorite was, ‘Ain't No Mountain High Enough.' It went real well."

Tiger Ticket Extra: Duckworth says he plans to wait until signing day to announce his pick. "Call me the night before signing day and I will let you know where I am going," he told Inside the Auburn Tigers, something that certainly sounds promising for the Tigers. Before he announces his selection, Auburn coaches will make an in-home visit to Taylorsville. Defensive tackles coach Don Dunn, who recruited Campbell to Auburn, is also recruiting Duckworth, who says he likes the Auburn assistant coach and stays in touch with him. "Coach Dunn and Coach Tuberville–I call him Coach Tubs–are supposed to come down to see me next weekend," Duckworth notes. "I am very excited about meeting with Coach Tubs."

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