Wildcats Looking To Become Tigers

Trinity Presbyterian Coach Randy Ragsdale talks about Auburn's newest commitment Tommy Trott and another visitor to the Plains this weekend.

Montgomery, Ala.–-Randy Ragsdale has seen it plenty of times. The quarterback takes the snap and throws the ball high towards the corner of the end zone. Although the defensive back appears to be in good position, it doesn't matter because tight end Tommy Trott is the target.

Catching the ball at its highest point, Trott sidesteps the defender and walks into the end zone for a touchdown.

Trott catches a touchdown pass earlier in his senior season. Trott is considered one of the top tight ends in the country and committed to Auburn Wednesday night after a visit from Coach Tommy Tuberville and several members of the Auburn staff.

As the head coach of the Trinity Wildcats, Ragsdale had come to expect that from Auburn's newest commitment seemingly every week. A marked man on offense this season, Trott moved outside to receiver, inside to tight end and even played some tailback on his way to another outstanding season.

Ragsdale says that Trott's ability made Trinity a much better team in his time at the school and he's going to bring something special to Auburn in the coming years.

"If he does anywhere close to what he did for us then fans are going to be awfully excited," Ragsdale says of Trott's abilities. "Tommy was just able to be in an environment around here where the coaches were able to come along and develop his skills.

"Tommy already had them. We just hopefully enhanced them enough to put him in a position to go be a part of another team that wants to be unselfish and where you work alongside a friend. That's the kind of environment we believe we've tried to develop here and I believe he's going into that same environment at Auburn."

At 6-4, 230 with good speed and the ability to make plays after the catch as well as go up and get the ball, Trott is expected to team with Mobile's Gabe McKenzie to give Auburn one of the best tight end tandems in the country in the coming years. Throw in Briarwood Christian's Andrew McCain this season and you probably have the best tight end signee class in the country.

Despite all his accolades this season, including being named the Class 4A Back of the Year, Ragsdale says Trott will remain humble and be a perfect fit for the Auburn program in the years to come.

"Tommy is the middle of three children and he's pretty much quiet," Ragsdale says. "He doesn't say too much, not outwardly. He's the kind of kid that has demonstrated great character and his integrity has been intact. He's in an environment academically that he's pursuing academic goals set for him here.

"We've been richly blessed with the Trott family with his older brother Bobby and now Tommy. They're just outstanding kids and the kind that you would want your daughters to go out with because you can trust them. I think trust and the belief that he's going to handle himself maturely are two very strong characteristics about him."

Trott takes a licking and keeps on ticking from several Alabama Christian Academy players.

A player who could wind up joining him on the Auburn campus is defensive back Austin Hoyt, a teammate at Trinity. Playing both wide receiver and defensive back as well as returning both punts and kickoffs, the 6-2, 180 Hoyt was a key player for the Wildcats this season. He had more than 700 receiving yards and returned kicks for nearly 700 yards. Ragsdale says he's the perfect team player and has the chance to play a number of positions if he decides to walk on with the Tigers.

"Austin is in that situation where, for us, he was playing defense the first two years and played offense the last two years," Ragsdale says. "With that combination he has the chance to help wherever he goes, whether it's Auburn or anyone else.

"Really where he has a chance to develop the skill is that he's an outstanding kick returner. He's got a knack for making that first guy miss and making some moves to get behind his wall of blockers. That probably enhanced so much more of our opportunities to score because of his ability to do that. He's a kid that has impeccable character. He was an outstanding leader on our team spiritually. He's a fine young boy."

Trott celebrates a big play with teammate Bart Eddins. Eddins is the younger brother of Auburn senior Bret Eddins and the son of former Auburn defensive lineman Liston Eddins. He's considered one of the top juniors in the country.

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