NFL Coach Impressed With Rosegreen's Workouts

Auburn's Junior Rosegreen discusses his Senior Bowl experience and an NFL coach discusses how Rosegreen is doing for the NFL talent scouts.

Mobile, Ala.—Junior Rosegreen has been known as a playmaker since he first set foot on the football field at Auburn University. Now, the former Dillard High player from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., says that playmaking ability is exactly what is going to help him become successful at the next level.

"It was best to come out here and make big things happen and show the scouts what I am really made of," Rosegreen explains.

The Tigers' strong safety, who finished his senior season with five interceptions and was named as an All-SEC first team selection, picked up where he left off for the season by picking off a David Greene pass during Thursday's South team practice session. "I was just reading the quarterback and I broke on the ball and made something happen," he notes.

Part of Rosegreen's success has been widely known by Auburn fans, not only to be because of his athleticism, but also his desire to be a student of the game. And, Tampa Bay's secondary coach Mike Tomlin, who is coaching all of the secondary players for the South squad, says that attribute is one of the first things that jumps out at you when you meet Rosegreen.

"He is a wired guy and football is important to him and at the same time it is fun," Tomlin explains. "These guys realize that they are on a week-long job interview, but it is still the same game that they have played their entire life and that is the approach that he has taken this week. That is why he is having fun. That is why he is making plays and that is why he is getting better."

The talented defender adds that as much as he has studied the game of football as a college player, he will get the chance to delve even deeper into the game once he gets started with his NFL career. "By far, because you don't have any classes and all you have got is meetings and football all day," he notes.

Rosegreen measured in at 5-11, 189 pounds, which is a bit smaller than NFL teams like for their safeties. However, Tomlin notes that the 2004 All-American has plenty of other tools to help him overcome his size, which will likely be considered a slight weakness by NFL teams on draft day.

"Yeah, and there is a lot of fight in that dog," he says about Rosegreen. "If you look at the great ones in our league they come in all shapes and sizes. Ideally on draft day we are looking for that cookie cutter guy, that perfect guy, but the great ones come in all shapes and sizes and these guys understand that."

Tomlin adds that he thinks Rosegreen is the type of player who has exactly what it takes to succeed for the long run in the league. "All of these guys have a chance to make it in the league and he is definitely one of them, but the aspect of it as to how long they endure is above the neck--their mental toughness," he explains.

"The National Football League is a grind. It is 20 games counting the preseason and the regular season and they have got to be mentally tough and I think he is that type of guy so I think he has a chance to be successful."

Junior Rosegreen take time out with LSU defensive back Travis Daniels between drills.

The safety, who is planning to work out in New Orleans in preparation for the pre-draft combine, notes that he has enjoyed the whole week, but adds that getting the chance to be coached by the Bucs' staff has just made the experience even better. "It is a blessing to be coached by Jon Gruden and his coaching staff," Rosegreen says. "He loves the game and he is an intense coach and I am an intense player. So, I think the combination is a match."

Along with getting to practice and work out on the field, Rosegreen says that he has also been able to meet with a lot of the NFL teams off the field for interviews and testing. "You take crazy tests, but they don't really judge you by that," Rosegreen says. "They just want to see where you are at. They look at the film and interview you and see what kind of person you are. Basically, once they see what type of person you are the sky is the limit.

"I have been interviewing with a lot of them and basically I am just staying focused and trying to keep making things happen on this field and keep proving to them that I can play on the next level," he adds.

Even though Rosgreen is working hard to make an impression on the NFL scouts this week to get a better deal for himself in his future career, he is also getting to spend a another week with three of his fellow Auburn seniors.

And the talented player, in his usually confident manner, says that he feels like a lot of his senior class is going to make quite a splash for the Tigers in the NFL. "We are going to stay in touch with each other," he says about himself and his Auburn classmates. "Everybody might get drafted by different teams, but we are going to stay in touch with each other and make big things happen on the next level."

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