Tigers Begin Work In New Facility

A photo gallery showing sections of Auburn's new weight room and players in action.

Linebacker Mayo Sowell shows the form that makes him one of the top lifters on the Auburn team. Here he is spotted by Dontarrious Thomas, David Walker and Jake Slaughter.

This is a partial view of the bottom floor of the new weight room. This was taken from the upstairs balcony that is home to several treadmills used for running when the weather is inclement.

This is a photo of the upstairs portion of the weight room. Outfitted with astroturf, this portion of the weight room is used for the aerobic portion of Auburn's training.

This is a drill Coach Kevin Yoxall incorporates in the everyday lifting for the Tigers. He uses a block to keep the weight from being bounced on the way back up.

Jake Slaughter strains to finish his set as he gets help from several teammates. The new facility is 15,000-plus square feet including office and storage space.

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