Prospect Trying To Work Out The Details

This talented two-way prospect talks about his upcoming college decision.

Lillburn, Ga.--Stephen Gowland says that he really wants to play his college football at Auburn, but adds that he and his family are still trying to work out the details of having to pay out of state tuition for the two-way athlete to walk-on the Tigers' team.

"I hope so," Gowland says about being very close to making his decision to walk-on at Auburn. "I would like to think so, but once again the financial aspect has to be right. I mean we are not going to be able to go full out of state for a long period of time, but if we can get the financial aspect worked out that is definitely what I would like to do."

He notes that he and his mom spoke with a couple of the Auburn assistants Monday night and are trying to find out if any type of financial aid could be found to help offset some the high out of state tuition costs.

"We talked to Coach Steve Ensminger last night and my mom asked him some questions and he said he was going to talk to Coach Tuberville (Tommy Tuberville)," he explains. "We also talked to Coach Knox (Greg Knox) tonight and so we are just kind of letting the coaches talk a little bit and kind of seeing where that is going.

"Maybe, not this year, but in the near future," he continues about the possibility of an athletic scholarship. "And we are seeing if maybe they can help me with any financial aid such as finding academic scholarships though the school or grants or loans or that type of stuff."

Stephen Gowland

He adds that after speaking with Coach Ensminger he feels a bit better about the situation, but adds that he knows he can't get excited just yet. "I would like to think so," he says about the possibility of finding some type of financial aid. "Coach Ensminger sounds pretty optimistic and he is going to talk to Coach Tuberville and everything. We are trying not to get our hopes up too much right now because there are no guarantees yet so we are trying not to get too optimistic just yet, but I would like to think that everything is going to work out."

Gowland says that with signing day on Wednesday and his situation still being up in the air it could likely a few days later before he has all of the information he and his family will need for him to make a final decision.

"Most likely," he says about his decision coming after signing day. "Coach Knox just got in from Texas and hasn't gotten a chance to talk with the guys yet and he said he would definitely sit down with them on Tuesday and talk it over. So, maybe Tuesday night we will know something more, but we are just not sure."

The Parkview standout notes that he had planned to take a trip to another SEC campus this weekend, but the weather forced him to cancel that trip. "We got iced in," he says. "Me and my mom were thinking about going up to Georgia, but we were stuck in the house without power all weekend. Everything is back up and running now.

"It was pretty bad in our area," he continues. "All of the roads around us were solid ice and we were the only house without power for a long time because we had a tree fall over the line that connects our power to the main line. We were out of power for about 15 or 16 hours."

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