Defensive Tackle Scheduled For Weekend Visit

The Tigers are expected to get a visit from a lineman who committed earlier to another college.

Seale, Ala.--Russell County head coach Steve McCord only coached Brinson Harley for one season. But that was enough for him to know what kind of ball player some lucky college will be getting when he signs with them.

At 6-3, 278 pounds with "no body fat to speak of," according his his coach, and speed in the 5.0 or 5.1 range in the 40-yard dash, he has the ability to play either defense or offense on the next level. However, McCord says most schools are looking at him as a defender. Looking for a couple of defensive linemen to round out a promising class, the Auburn Tigers are expected to bring Harley in for an official visit this weekend.

"He's a good high school player," McCord tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "He's a kid who has a world of talent and I don't think it's even been tapped yet. He's the kind of guy that when he gets to the college level and faces some sure-enough good competition and gets some good coaching, I think he'll be a big contributor on the college level.

"He has the size already and the feet to go along with it. Sometimes it's hard to get those two together, the quick feet and the size. I think he's going to have a great future at the college level. He's capable, both physically and academically, and I think he'll do great for somebody."

Reported as a commitment to the Louisville Cardinals, Harley is the definition of a sleeper prospect. Playing on a team that had little recognition his three years as a starter, the powerful lineman has everything it takes to make it on the next level and could play early, McCord says.

McCord says that Auburn coaches were in for a visit last week and that the big lineman is interested even though Louisville got a commitment. "I'm not sure where they stand right now,"' the coach says.

"He works hard in the weight room," McCord adds." Right now, he's probably a 350-pound bench presser and a little over four (400) on the squat. I don't know how much he can dead lift, probably five or so. He's going to get a lot stronger than that at the college level. I don't know whether he'll be redshirted or not. I think he'll possibly be redshirted his first year and then play a lot for somebody down the road. I guess it depends on what he looks like going in and how bad somebody needs defensive tackles. He played both ways both ways for us, but I think everybody is looking at him for defense that is recruiting him."

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