Dunn Making A Late Push To Join Tigers

This talented two-way player, who did not sign with a college on national signing day, is making a late push with his academic status to try and join the Auburn football team.

Augusta, Ga.--Robert Dunn is a talented football player that most college coaches, including Auburn's, assumed had no shot to qualify heading into his senior season and was likely looking at heading to a smaller school or junior college. However, now Dunn's future outlook has changed a bit and he says he wants to play football at Auburn.

After getting a call from the receiver and following up on that call with him, the Auburn coaching staff plans to help place Dunn at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia for the 2005 season with the intent to re-sign him for the class of 2006 if he doesn't beat the long academic odds he is facing to become academically qualified in time for the 2005 season.

"The thing was that with my grades I am close to qualifying so I am working as hard as I can to get my grades qualified so I can be in uniform and playing this coming fall, but if not they want to work toward a prep school," Dunn explains.

"I am right at a 2.0 grade point average and I got an 850 on my SAT," the senior adds. "So, I am going to take my SAT again tomorrow (Saturday) and I am just going to keep trying to improve my GPA to get as close as possible and try and get into the university."

The 5-11, 185-pound receiver adds that his trek to deciding that he wanted to play for Auburn got started in an interesting manner.

"Carlos Rogers gave my grandmother a magazine that he had autographed for me and we were looking through it and I looked up the head recruiters name, Coach Greg Knox, and we gave him a call and we have been communicating with him for a while," Dunn notes. "Then, we got a tape sent over to Auburn and they gave me a call back and we just went from there.

"We got the tape over there last Saturday to them and they looked at it and evaluated it and they liked what they saw," he says. "They gave me a call back and we had a pretty long talk about everything, as far as grade wise, and we just went from there."

Dunn adds that his grade problems have not been due to inability, but rather a couple years of less then stellar decision-making. "It was some laziness my sophomore and junior years and me not doing what I was supposed to do and just slacking off," he explains about what caused his grades to suffer. "I am able to do the work, but I got to a point in my life where I just got lazy, got sidetracked and I stopped doing what I was supposed to do.

"Right now I am working at it real hard and I have got a B average in my classes all together so I am doing real good this year," he adds

The Laney High standout says that he was looking at some smaller schools pretty seriously lately along with some other more traditional programs. "I had been talking to South Carolina State, Albany State, Johnson C. Smith and Georgia here and there," he notes. "There was never anything really concrete about Georgia. There were some other schools like Cincinnati and Maryland and I had talked with them a few times."

Despite the lack of interest from a lot of major programs, Dunn's numbers in 2004 speak for themselves.

"This past year I had 20 touchdowns and 980 yards receiving on 54 catches," he says. "I averaged like 17 yards per catch. I had four kick returns, punt returns and kick return together, for touchdowns. I had 10 touchdowns in the playoffs alone. I had two interceptions, one was returned for a touchdown and the other was returned 50-yards. I was 1-1 in passing. I played some quarterback, too. I played a little running back and I had 200 yards rushing at running back. I averaged 7.5 yards per carry."

With such a strong season, Dunn was given a number of awards following his senior campaign. "I won the Georgia Sportswriters All-Classification Player of the Year," he explains. "I won Player of the Year in the area and the region and offensive player of the year in the region. I made All-State and All-Area first team wide receiver."

The two-way player who is being recruited as a receiver by Auburn notes that his speed and agility are what make him such a weapon as an offensive player. "I make plays," Dunn says. "I make people miss me. I have got good speed. I am not the fastest guy in the world, I run about a 4.4 40, but I just make people miss. It is hard to tackle me because I am real slippery. It is not the fact that I am just catching the ball, I catch better than the average person does, but it is what I do with the ball after I get it. I can get out of a tight situation.

Dunn also notes that he saw a number of reasons that he wanted to play his football at Auburn, whether he gets that chance during the 2005 or the 2006 season.

"When I came down to a football game I kind of checked the campus out a little," he explains. "I liked that campus and I liked the environment. They have a great football program. The coaches are down to earth people and I feel like I can relate to them. Then, they are giving me an honest shot at doing everything that I say that I am going to do and that is pretty much all for me."

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