Talented QB Prospect Working His Way Back

This talented quarterback prospect is working his way back to full speed for his senior season after a knee injury ended his junior year.

Hoover, Ala.--Heading into the ninth game of his junior season, Neil Caudle was having a great year and quickly making a name for himself as one of the top junior quarterbacks in the Southeast.

Unfortunately for Caudle, that was as much progress as he would make during his junior year due to a torn ACL injury that he suffered in that game. "I did pretty good the first eight games, but then I got hurt in the Hoover game," he explains. "So, I only played eight games, but up until then my stats were pretty good and we were winning some games."

The talented rusher and passer had already amassed 1,600- yards passing and 15 touchdowns with a 64.5 completion percentage and rushed for nearly 450 yards on 43 carries prior to his injury. Now, following surgery to repair the ligament, Caudle says he is just working hard to get his athletic career back in full swing.

"The most frustrating part was not being able to play in the playoffs and all of that, and not being able to play baseball right now," he explains. "The rehab is going well and I am a few weeks ahead of schedule and I should be released sometime within the next month."

"We have spring training in May sometime and I will be back for that, but I am not sure if I will make it in full pads or not," he continues. "My left leg is still a little weaker than my right leg so I can't run full speed and all that, but I can hit and I can throw full speed."

Playing center field and pitching for the Spain Park baseball team is something Caudle says that he really enjoys and he adds that he expects to be back out on the diamond before the end of the season.

Still, despite his love for both baseball and football, it looks like quarterback is where the talented prospect's college career will play out and he explains that he has a number of weapons that help him excel on the gridiron.

"I think my best attribute would be seeing the field--seeing who is open," he says about the passing game. "When I am running the ball finding holes and finding ways to gain yardage."

However, Caudle notes that people watching Spain Park this upcoming season may see a bit of a different offensive attack. "We try to balance the run and pass," he explains. "We had four great receivers this year. Three of them signed for football and one for baseball. So, this year we were throwing the ball a lot and then we would balance it out with the run to keep defenses honest. Next year I think we may have to run the ball more because we won't have the receivers we did this year."

Even with a season ending knee injury and a shortened junior season, Caudle's game has been impressive enough to college coaches to garner him some early scholarship offers.

"I like all of the schools that have offered," Caudle says. "Michigan, Auburn, Louisville and Alabama have offered. I liked Auburn growing up, but I am still keeping my options open. And I visited Georgia and I liked them a lot. So, I am not sure right now."

The upcoming senior, who notes that he is planning to make a few stops on the summer camp circuit, but is not sure which camps he will be attending just yet, but says that he enjoyed his first unofficial visit of the recruiting season.

"It was good," he says about his visit to Georgia. "We got there and they gave us a tour around the athletic building and we ate at the student athlete center and then we went to the basketball game next door."

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