Tuberville Likes Depth Following Spring Practice

There are several surprises in Auburn's updated depth chart with young players making a move at several positions.

Auburn, Ala.–-The depth chart is just that for the Auburn Tigers following spring football practice as numbers abound at seemingly every position for Coach Tommy Tuberville's club.

With the strength up front on both sides of the ball and question marks at quarterback and in the secondary, Tuberville says that his team's strengths are evident when you take a look at things position by position.

"The positive for the depth chart for this year is that we're a lot deeper in a lot of areas that we haven't been in the past," Tuberville tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "One is defensive back and the other one is defensive line. We have a lot of competition.

"This depth chart is just what it is, a depth chart that you put up after spring practice," the coach adds. "By no means is this what it's exactly going to look like when we tee it off against Georgia Tech in a few months, but it gives us a guiding point where our players can look and see where they're at and what they need to work on to possibly move up the depth chart.

"If they don't work harder in some areas they'll move down," he adds. "I really like a lot of areas where we're at, but there are some positions that we put one person one and another person two and the only reason is that we had to have the space. There's a lot of areas that guys are really even going into two-a-days. There will be a difference after two-a-days where they will be ranked."

The biggest question mark going into spring practice was at quarterback where senior Jason Campbell finished one of the best seasons for a quarterback in Auburn history. His successor appears to be sophomore Brandon Cox, who had a strong spring and is listed first on the depth chart at the position following the spring. Tuberville says he was pleased with the play of all the quarterbacks, but they still have a long way to go before Sept. 3.

"We needed about two more weeks of spring practice for the quarterbacks to be honest with you," Tuberville says. "That's what spring practice is for everybody when you build your team, but when you have an inexperienced group of quarterbacks you could probably practice from now until two-a-days and still not get everything in. We're making progress, but we have a lot of work to do this summer and when we start two-a-days.

"Brandon Cox on down to Blake Field and Calvin Booker, we've got to find a definite number two guy," Tuberville adds. "Right now Brandon is our number one guy, but you've got to have somebody that knows the offense enough to step in and win games for you at number two if you have injuries. I'm proud of the progress we did make, but we've got a long way to go."

Auburn's first-team backfield of Jake Slaughter, Tre Smith and Brandon Cox.

Losing starters Carlos Rogers and Junior Rosegreen in the secondary made for an interesting spring as several players stood out for Coach David Gibbs in his first spring as defensive coordinator and secondary coach. Tuberville says that he's excited about the talent and depth in the secondary at all four positions heading into the fall.

"We have a lot of guys that we really watched practice for the first time," Tuberville says. "Freshmen, when they come in here you're getting ready for a game plan. It's good to see Patrick Lee and Eric Brock and some of those guys step up. We've got a lot of talent and ability, but now we have to get the mental aspect and fundamentals and techniques down and also their assignments."

The following is an updated depth chart after the finish of spring football practice for the Auburn Tigers:

44 Jake Slaughter (6-2, 241, Sr.)
45 Michael McLaughlin (6-1, 230, Rfr.)
47 Andrew Turman (6-0, 228, So.)

22 Tre Smith (5-10, 200, Jr.)
32 Carl Stewart (6-1, 207, So.)
23 Kenny Irons (5-11, 202, Jr.)
28 Brad Lester (5-11, 190, RFr.)

12 Brandon Cox (6-2, 202, So.)
11 Calvin Booker (6-4, 238, Rfr.)
16 Blake Field (6-2, 199, Rfr.)

Wide Receiver
2 Ben Obomanu (6-1, 198, Sr.)
9 Anthony Mix (6-5, 248, Sr.)
25 Lee Guess (5-10, 177, Jr.)

Left Tackle
73 Marcus McNeill (6-9, 337, Sr.)
77 King Dunlap (6-8, 292, So.)

Left Guard
69 Ben Grubbs (6-3, 302, Jr.)
79 Jonathan Palmer (6-5, 319, Jr.)
68 Jason Bosley (6-4, 271, Fr.)

74 Steven Ross (6-6, 292, Sr.)
50 Joe Cope (6-0, 276, Jr.)

Right Guard
76 Tim Duckworth (6-3, 326, Jr.)
72 Leon Hart (6-5, 302, So.)
65 William Sullivan (6-5, 310, RFr.)

Right Tackle
66 Troy Reddick (6-5, 335, Sr.)
70 Antwoin Daniels (6-6, 298, RFr.)

Tight End
8 Cooper Wallace (6-4, 265, Sr.)
87 Cole Bennett (6-5, 256, So.)
84 Charles Mullen (6-4, 241, Rfr.)
89 Danny Perry (6-2, 242, So.)

Wide Receiver
1 Devin Aromashodu (6-2, 202, Sr.)
30 Maurice Anderson (6-3, 210, So.)
82 James Swinton (6-1, 175, Rfr.)

Wide Receiver
86 Courtney Taylor (6-2, 204, Jr.)
13 Jamoga Ramsey (5-10, 164, Jr.)

Freshman linebacker Chris Evans jumped to second-team middle linebacker after joining the team for the start of spring drills.


Defensive End
54 Quentin Groves (6-3, 245, So.)
48 Marquies Gunn (6-4, 238, Jr.)
41 Octavius Balkcom (6-4, 243, RFr.)

58 Tommy Jackson (6-1, 305, Sr.)
97 Josh Thompson (6-1, 301, So.)
99 Tez Doolittle (6-3, 289, So.)

96 Wayne Dickens (6-1, 303, Sr.)
64 Neil Brown (6-2, 264, So.)
95 Pat Sims (6-4, 293, Rfr.)
90 Tyronne Green (6-3, 306, RFr.)

Defensive End
75 Stanley McClover (6-3, 247, So.)
92 Christopher Browder (6-5, 247, Jr.)
98 Brandon Haley (6-3, 233, So.)
81 Kyle Derozan (6-3, 265, Jr.)

Strong Linebacker
40 Kevin Sears (6-4, 247, Jr.)
21 Karibi Dede (6-1, 216, Jr.)
56 Courtney Harden (6-1, 239, Rfr.)

Middle Linebacker
51 Travis Williams 6-1, 207, Sr.)
39 Chris Evans (6-0, 221, Fr.)
52 Kevis Burnam (6-2, 242, Jr.)

Weak Linebacker
31 Antarrious Williams (5-11, 206, Sr.)
59 Merrill Johnson (6-1, 201, Rfr.)

4 David Irons (6-1, 189, Sr.)
49 Kevin Hobbs (6-0, 192, Sr.)
20 Patrick Lee (6-0, 198, So.)

Strong Safety
33 Eric Brock (6-1, 212, So.)
26 Steve Gandy (6-1, 202, Rfr.)

Free Safety
35 Will Herring (6-4, 215, Jr.)
3 Tony Bell (6-2, 218, So.)
27 Tristan Davis (5-10, 203, Rfr.)

19 Montavis Pitts (6-3, 206, Jr.)
14 Lorenzo Ferguson (6-1, 206, Rfr.)
17 Anthony Campbell (5-10, 191, Rfr.)
38 Zach Gilbert (5-10, 190, So.)

37 John Vaughn (6-1, 201, Jr.)

30 Kody Bliss (5-11, 177, Jr.)

20 Matthew Motley (5-10, 177, So.)

Deep Snapper
62 Pete Compton (6-6, 239, So.)
53 Chas Crofoot (6-1, 190, Jr.)

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