Brown Taking Low Key Approach To NFL Draft

Ronnie Brown is expected to be the first running back taken in this weekend's NFL Draft, just ahead of teammate Carnell Williams.

Auburn, Ala.–-This weekend will be the culmination of a lifelong dream for Auburn running back Ronnie Brown and teammates Carnell Williams, Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell as the annual NFL Player Draft is held in New York City beginning Saturday. Expected to be one of the first players selected overall, Brown says that he's having trouble remaining calm with all of the excitement building towards Saturday.

"It's just exciting to be in this position right now of being at Auburn for a few years and just having this experience I'm enjoying right now," Brown says. "I'm kind of like everybody else, just anticipating it and wondering what's going to happen. It's pretty cool to be in this situation, but you get kind of nervous thinking about it and wondering what's going to be the next step."

Brown and Jason Campbell should both be called before the end of the first day on Saturday.

A 6-1, 233-pounder with 4.4 speed and the strength to run over and through tacklers, Brown excelled this season in the new offense of Coach Al Borges as he played both running back and fullback and rushed for 913 yards and eight touchdowns. He also got a chance to catch the ball out of the backfield 34 times for 313 yards and a score, something that makes him even more interesting to NFL teams looking for players that can do multiple things. Brown says that coming back for his senior season has meant everything to him in his quest to play on the next level.

"I think coming back has definitely been something that has helped me being where I am right now," Brown says. "As far as the Combine, being able to go up there and be successful in that has definitely helped me out."

One of the first things many players do when they're going to be high draft choices is buy something extravagant, and Brown is no different to some extent. After buying a new Range Rover for himself, he decided that the next order of business was to take care of mom and dad. Enlisting the help of his mother in picking out the style, Brown bought his parents a new home in Cartersville, Ga. that they've already moved into, something he says he's always wanted to do.

"I think that's every athlete's dream, not just playing football but also you want to have the possibility of taking care of your parents," Brown says. "That's what drives a lot of people to play sports. My mom knew she wanted a house. I kind of knew the situation coming into it. I knew that was one of the first things I was going to do other than taking care of myself. She knew the whole process. She does real well with money. I really wasn't worried about that. I just told her to go out and find something. I didn't actually see the house until not too long ago."

There is one thing that is a certainty leading up to Saturday and that is that Brown won't be watching ESPN or looking on the computer at mock drafts. After doing that for a while this spring he says that now the best thing he can do is just stay away and avoid all the ups and downs associated when people are talking about you. Besides he'll get plenty of the draft when he travels to New York and is present for the action up close and personal. He says it's hard to believe in one year he's gone from little-known back-up to Williams to the verge of stardom in the NFL.

"I was just trying to be in the first round and be one of the guys mentioned early in the draft," Brown says. "To be at this point is definitely a blessing for me and something I've always wanted to do."

No matter what happens in the NFL, Brown, Williams, Rogers, Campbell and the rest of last season's team have left a lasting memory for Auburn fans across the world after last season's 13-0 run and SEC Championship. Brown says that may be the most important thing you can do is leave a fond memory.

"You definitely want to be remembered for what you've done and the type of person you are," Brown says. "For us to achieve that goal and do some of the things as a team definitely stand out in school history. I'd rather the team accomplishments be recognized more than what Ronnie Brown did."

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