Ross Building Relationships On And Off The Field

Offensive lineman David Ross talks about his latest offers and his friendship with another high-profile football prospect.

Homewood, Ala.–-The offers continue to pour in for offensive lineman David Ross as three more schools have joined the parade of programs that are hoping to land the talented prospect.

At 6-4, 285 pounds with solid speed and footwork and good hands, Ross is the kind of player coaches look for because he can play any position up front if needed. He says that several schools have come on board recently and he currently has two of them in his top five.

"I have picked up some new offers," Ross tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "All the offers I have now are Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Louisville and Vanderbilt.

"I have a top five out of the list. They're not in any order, but it's Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee and Florida. You have to give a look to the out of state programs because the ones I'm considering are so big time. You would be stupid not to give them a look. Right now that's my top five and they're all head to head."

Ross blocks for quarterback Earl Alexander during the junior All-Star game in Troy last December.

Ross says he plans to take unofficial visits to all five schools and he's already been to both Auburn and Alabama in recent weeks. Two weeks ago he made the trip to the Plains to talk with offensive line coach Hugh Nall and offensive coordinator Al Borges. After spending the afternoon talking football, Ross says that he got a better feel for the Auburn staff and the football program in general.

"It was awesome," says Ross. "I have been to Auburn. I guess that was the fourth time during the spring. I have been going down there a lot. Me and Coach (Hugh) Nall have really good chemistry. It's one of those things, I like the guy a lot and his coaching style. I like Coach (Terry) Price, my area recruiter, and Coach (Don) Dunn and all those guys. They are awesome.

"I could really see me playing there one day. They have stability. Coach (Tommy) Tuberville just signed a seven-year deal and the assistants got two-year deals, which from my understanding is unheard of. That's a big thing because you don't want to be recruited by one coach and play for another. It sounds like they have the package."

Something that may be in Auburn's favor come decision time for Ross is a relationship that has developed in recent months with another recruit on Auburn's radar. A businessman in Birmingham, Ross' dad was looking to do some work in Montgomery and ran into former Auburn Tiger star Liston Eddins when searching for real estate. The two found out they had a lot in common in addition to business as both had sons that would be high-profile football recruits.

Bart Eddins takes a break during the game in Troy.

That was the tip of the iceberg as the younger Ross and Bart Eddins met each other at the junior All-Star game in Troy and became friends. Eddins, who also had a brother Bret Eddins play for the Tigers in 2004 and earn a degree and a shot in the NFL, is easy to get along with and struck up a conversation in Troy. Since then they have spent time together and become good friends. Ross says that the friendship with Eddins is something that has been good for both of them as they begin to deal with the recruiting pressure heading into their senior seasons.

"My dad started being friends with Mr. Eddins and through that I started hanging out with Bart a lot," Ross says. "When Auburn offered (Ross) they were obviously real excited about that because Bart's dad and brother played there and he'll probably be playing there. It just started the friendship and I see him a good bit now. It's great because if I go down to Auburn I would have a guy like that as a teammate and my roommate probably. That would be awesome.

"It's great (to be able to talk about recruiting)," Ross adds. "I also have Tim (Tim Hawthorne). I can talk to him any time. It's definitely a plus to get a feel for what he thought about this coach or that coach. To collaborate thinking on a coach is definitely a plus that not many people have at all. I'm definitely fortunate."

Ross says he's not in any hurry to make a decision and wants to visit each school unofficially again this summer to talk with the coaches. Following that he says that he'll make his decision when the time comes, but there won't be a certain day he'll announce his plans.

"I plan to be going to a lot of games next year," Ross says. "If there ever comes in my mind, at some point in time, that I'm ready to commit then I'm going to commit. I don't want to wait, but as when that is going to be I have no earthly idea."

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