High Profile Tailback Gives AU Camp High Marks

This talented rusher attended the Auburn senior football camp over the weekend and came away impressed.

Auburn, Ala.--Heading into his trip down to the Plains for Auburn's Senior Football Camp this past weekend, Stephen Decatur High's Benjamin Tate said he was very excited to get the chance to experience what Auburn has to offer.

After the final whistle had blown, Tate explained that he was able to take in everything he wanted to see and came away from the experience very happy. "Coming down here was a nice trip," the 5-10, 199 pound tailback said. "I got down here and it was surprising how nice the people were. I liked the people and the coaches a lot and there were pretty nice facilities. Overall, I just liked it. I liked it a lot."

Before his first unofficial visit to the loveliest village on the plains, Tate said that Auburn was one of his top five college choices, and he added that his time on campus only helped to solidify that feeling.

"There is a 95 percent chance that I will be back here for an official visit and there is a good chance they will be in my top five, well, they will be in my top five," Tate said.

The running back from Berlin, Maryland added that the Tigers will be one of the teams that receives a large amount of attention from him during the recruiting process and that is because he says Auburn has everything that he is looking for in a college.

"The thing that is really important is the academics, but just being around the coaches, it is all about how you have chemistry with the coaches and chemistry with the players," Tate explained. "I actually got to talk with some of the players and the coaches and that is basically what it all boils down to--academics and the relationships with the coaches and the style of the offense and things like that. Also, just being able to get an opportunity, that is what it all comes down to and at this school you have an opportunity for all of that."

Benjamin Tate

Overall, the powerful runner gave his visit high marks rating it an 8.5 out of 10, and added that he really enjoyed the level of talent that was present at the camp. "I like to compete so it was a nice, fun experience with all of the talented guys."

Along with getting the chance to work with and against a large number of top quality athletes, Tate also noted that he enjoyed working with Tigers' running back coach Eddie Gran. "Coach Gran is a pretty cool guy and he is easy to talk to and he listens to what you have to say," Tate said.

"Also, he helps you out with a lot of things and he seems like a pretty honest guy, but we'll find out through the whole process how honest he really is."

The running back put up big numbers as a junior.

Tate also said that he picked up a few pointers from Gran that he can use during his senior season. "They taught us a little bit and I did learn some little tips during the drills and if I did something wrong, Coach Gran would tell me."

Tate added that while he was in town he also got to talk to current players and some parents of players. " I met Brad Lester, Quentin Groves and I talked to Kenny and David Irons' dad," he noted. "They were all pretty easy guys to talk to and they just talked about their experiences when they first got here and how it is. They all said basically the same thing--that it is just a great school and they have fun here and that they work very, very hard and that if you don't want to work hard that this is not the school for you."

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