AL Safety Prospect Is Well Traveled Camp Warrior

This in-state safety prospect has been very busy this summer, but it looks to be paying off.

Millbrook, Ala.--Stanhope Elmore safety Justin Bullard seems to understand that if you get out and hit the college camp circuit hard during the summer prior to your senior year that it will pay dividends in the end.

The 6-1, 185-pounder, who is not the least bit afraid of contact and loves to lay big hits on an opposing players, has worked like a mad man all summer traversing the South and taking in almost every summer football camp that he could find.

"I have been to Auburn, Nike, MSL, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Clemson, Mississippi State, Fellowship Sports and Southern Miss," Bullard says about his schedule, which has basically encompassed his whole summer.

"I recently hit up five practices in two days going from Clemson to the Fellowship Sports Camp," he continues. "It is a little tiring, but it is fun when you get there, going to all of these universities and working with the coaches and kind of getting an idea of what you are going to do."

Despite all of the long hours in the car, cramping after a number of sessions from simply pushing too hard for too many days and spending his entire vacation working as hard as he does during the season, Bullard says he can tell that the effort is paying off.

"Going to these camps has really helped my technique a lot," he explains. "It has helped my backpedal and my hips and just knowing what to expect from different teams. Vanderbilt is going to show you something that is totally different from Alabama, but it gives you an idea of what you would be doing if you go there."

Justin Bullard runs a pass route during a seven-on-seven game at the Fellowship Sports Camp, which was held in June.

He also adds that even though he has been dog-tired at times, he has been able to summon up the energy and determination he needed to perform well, especially for combine type events. "When I went to the Fellowship Camp I would have never thought I would have hit a 4.5 as tired as I was, but I managed to run well," he says.

Along with running well at the Fellowship Sports Camp, which is a rapidly growing camp and combine in the South, Bullard also notes that the whole experience there has been the best of the summer for him.

"The Fellowship Camp was actually my favorite camp," he says. "I got out there a little late from Clemson and for my combine stuff I only got my 40 and my short shuttle in. Then the next day we came out and got fed and got to talk to Coach (Ronnie) Battle a little bit.

"Then, we worked on more technique and they showed us a lot of little things from a different point of view," Bullard continues. "They showed me how to plant instead of chopping my feet. Then, we did some one-on-ones and they really helped by showing me what I was doing wrong and then we had the most fun seven-on-seven ever. I got to play on both sides of the ball, finally, and it was great."

Even though he has been a constant on the camp circuit since the spring and has been a player a number of colleges have been interested in since his junior season, Bullard says that he has been astonished at the amount of recruiting attention he has garnered by deciding to put in a summer's worth of work.

"I would say Alabama and Clemson have really surprised me--to make a teams short list like that, for them to be looking at me that hard--they really surprised me," he explains. "Southern Miss has really surprised me and getting phone calls in the month of May, I would have never thought I would be doing that, but Southern Miss and Clemson called me in May. Then, just going from college to college and people just knowing your name has been amazing."

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