Athletic Receiver Has Lots of Interest In Tigers

This talented receiver from the Magnolia State could turn out to be one of the best prospects in the South for the class of 2006.

Brandon, Miss.--Northwest Rankin High's Mike McCoy is an athlete who might as well have the words unlimited potential stamped on his forehead.

The 6-2 1/2, 200-pound receiver has speed in the 4.5 range and a big 41-inch vertical jump, but has not had the chance to be his team's go to guy, yet.

"I pretty much just run at wide receiver and kickoff return," he says. "My stats this season were okay. I had 19 catches for about 300 yards. I had about four kickoff returns and I averaged about 50 yards on every kickoff return. It was ok, I had another receiver ahead of me, but they still threw me the ball."

Along with his athletic ability, McCoy, who also plays basketball and runs track, has the type of attitude and preparation that often seem to be present in the best receivers. "I feel like I can't be covered because I can read the defense over the line," he says. "I look the cornerback right in his eyes and I am coming straight at him.

"You can tell when they are nervous and what they do," McCoy continues. "When I am watching film, I watch how they take off, how they backpedal, how they read the run and how they cover a receiver."

He adds that he already knows that having the right mental attitude is an important part of the position that he has chosen to play. "When it is crunch time you are the one that they are looking at and you have got to feel like you can take that weight and carry it on your shoulders, and I feel like I can do that and it is just fun."

The talented pass catcher says he believes all of that work, attitude and preparation will come together this fall during his senior season. "I feel like I can take on that responsibility because I feel like I work hard, and if you work hard you are going to have it easy," he says about having the chance to finally be the go-to guy. "For the first time I feel like I am the man to look at. I want the ball in my hands when the game is on the line because I don't want to fail. I hate losing at anything and I feel like if I am taking control we will win."

Along with all of his work on the field, McCoy says that he knows he also has to work hard in the classroom if he is going to have the chance to fulfill his goals. "You have just got to go through the process, you have got to make it through the clearinghouse and you have got to have all of your core classes and just stay in your books," he notes. "If you want to get recruited you have got to stay in your books--they look at that before they even try and recruit you."

Despite not getting a shot to be the man to this point in his career, McCoy is already receiving scholarship offers from some big-time college football programs. "I have got a couple offers," he explains. "I have ones from Auburn, Alabama, Southern Miss and there are a lot of colleges looking at me."

Even with three offers on the table, McCoy says he knows there will be more if he lives up to his lofty goals for his senior campaign. "I want to get no less than 15 touchdowns," he notes. "I mean I have got my goals set pretty high. I want to average at least 100 yards per night."

The speedy receiver, who says he is still open to anyone at this point in the recruiting process, explains, however, that he knows what he is looking for in a program.

"Since I am planning on taking business in school, I feel like they have got to have a good business program," McCoy says. "The football facilities have got to be good, but Auburn, Alabama and all of these other schools have great facilities. You have just got to look at all aspects like good coaching--and when I go to college my receiver coach is pretty much going to be like my father for the next four years so he and I have got to have a one-on-one relationship. We have got to bond right off the bat."

Even though he is wide open, McCoy says there are some things about the Tigers he already likes. "I like the blue and orange and the coaches just make you feel like you can go there," he explains. "When I was at the spring game it felt like a big family out there and that is something that I am accustomed to. Also, the fields and everything else out there is nice, the weight room is nice--everything out there is pretty good.

He also notes he has had the chance to speak with a couple of the Auburn coaches and came away impressed. "Coach (Don) Dunn seems like he is a pretty cool guy, I have talked to him a lot and he seems pretty nice," the wideout says. "I have also talked to Coach (Greg) Knox on the phone and he seems like he is pretty energetic and a good receivers coach."

McCoy adds that he is planning to come to the Plains this weekend for Auburn's Senior Mini-Camp and is looking forward to the event. "I am just looking forward to working one-on-one with the coaches," he notes. "I want to see how the coaches are and just to see if it is an all-around good atmosphere, and just enjoy it and go out there and have fun."

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