Mr. Smith Sorting Out Loads of Scholarship Offers's No. 1 rated offensive line prospect, Andre Smith, is strong and getting stronger. He discusses recruiting and his summer.

Birmingham, Ala.-–For Andre Smith life is pretty busy at the moment. With almost 60 scholarship offers in hand from some of the top football programs in the country, the Huffman High standout has lots of choices.

However, to make the process more manageable, he has already made his first cut and most of the colleges who have offered are already out of the mix.

"I have narrowed things down to 12 schools," Smith tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "They are Miami, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, LSU, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia and USC. I'm going to cut that list down to six before football season."

Smith powers over a defender at the Junior All-Star game in Troy last December.

A mammoth figure on the field for the Vikings at offensive tackle, the 6-5, 315-pound Smith has been at the center of recruiting attention in Alabama since January when he earned MVP honors at the U.S. Army All-American Combine in San Antonio.

On the strength of that performance he also earned the honor of being named the top offensive lineman in the country by heading into the 2005 season. He says that while all that is exciting it's something that he hasn't done alone.

"I really see it as having favor," Smith says. "I'm a Christian and I have favor with God as far as relationships and how I get all these awards and being nominated for others. I really just see it as having favor."

Unlike many top prospects who travel around to different schools for summer camps, Smith has been low-key about his recruitment for the most part, instead choosing to work out on his own at Huffman with his teammates. He says that the experience has given him a chance to build a bond with his teammates as they prepare for what they hope will be a strong run in 2005.

"The summer has been pretty busy," Smith says. "I haven't really been to camps, but just working hard in the weight room. I have been having fun and trying to make my teammates better. That's all I have been really doing."

That Smith has been in the weight room is no surprise after seeing the difference in his upper body as compared to January. A big player who has athleticism hard to match on the high school level for a player his size, Smith has worked to improve his strength and says that it's paying off handsomely this summer.

"I am just going to keep working hard before the season starts," he says. "I bench 400 pounds now and I squat 550. I have been really working hard in the weight room. I have also been going to tutoring just to make myself better (in the classroom) so I won't have to worry about anything.

"I feel as though if I had to come in and play right now I would be strong enough," Smith adds. "I don't want the reason to be I'm not strong enough if I don't come in and play. Because of that I am really working hard in the weight room."

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