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Auburn, Ala.--Users of the <i></i> free message boards will need to do a simple sign up to post on our web site's new EZboards that are fully activated.

The DC forums, which were added as a temporary solution to our message board needs, served us well but they have been shut down so we can integrate our message boards into network.

The sign up process is simple, quick, free and similar to signing up for the old message boards. The sign up link is on the front page of on the left hand links at My Account:

Sign Up Here

Once you are registered, you can visit the new board by using this link:

New ITAT Message Board

The following are some frequently asked questions about the change:

Question: Why don't you just import the 3,000-plus users to the new message boards and keep the same board names and passwords?

Answer: The DC forums have encrypted passwords so even the administrators cannot transfer them from the DC forums to the EZboard forums. Also, some of the DC board names have already been taken by users already on the network. For example, a Clemson or a Missouri (both are Tigers) fan who is signed up on the network's EZboards might have a board name that is being used by one of our message board users.

Question: If I am already signed up for the premium Tiger Ticket forum, do I need to sign up again?

Answer: No. You are ready to post on all of the EZboard forums.

Question: The staff made changes to tweak the DC forums to add and remove features that the message board community liked or disliked? Will you continue to do that?

Answer: Yes. We have already made several changes to personalize our EZboards and are working with the network and board regulars to make more changes. The early users of our DC forums remember it took time for many of our regulars to become comfortable with the DC forums, which look and behaved differently than our old forums with the defunct Rivals network.

Question: Why don't you keep using the DC forums for the free message boards and keep the EZboards for premium message boards only?

Answer: There are several reasons. The first is that we believe the EZboards will give us more tools to manage the boards, particularly in dealing with flames and problem posters.

A second reason is that the network does not support the DC forums, which are on an server that is being shut down. Although our server has been fast and reliable, it is very expensive to operate. We were willing to absorb that cost to ensure a stable web site until we were convinced the new network could handle the traffic load, which it has done admirably. The DC forums message boards were only intended as a short term fix to the problem of having no message boards after the original Rivals network ceased operations last spring.

A third reason is to reduce confusion of having separate user names and passwords for the free and premium message boards.

Last, but not least, our agreement with network requires that we use the network's message boards.

Editor's Note: If you have any technical questions on the conversion, please email Mitch Tishaw at who is handling the project. For suggestions on how to improve, please email Jason Caldwell at or Mark Murphy at We are looking forward to providing you in-depth coverage of Auburn University athletics and appreciate your interest.--Mark Murphy

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