Trott Trying to Set Realistic Freshman Goals

Tommy Trott talks about what he expects from his freshman season and how the summer has prepared him for his first season as a college football player

Auburn, Ala.—Tommy Trott is easily one of the most coveted football players among Auburn's 2005 signing class. However, the talented tight end prospect says that he has already learned too much about college football in his first couple of months on the Plains to head into his freshman season with lofty goals.

"The obvious goal, at least for a freshman, is to play, but if that doesn't happen, you know, I understand," he explains. "It is just so different. If I don't play I would just like to get bigger, stronger and faster. That way I can contribute as soon as I can."

Trott, who moved up to Auburn from Montgomery in early June, has been getting acclimated to life on his own, college classes and learning to manage his time wisely throughout the summer semester, and the 6-5, 226-pounder says it has certainly been different.

"It is an adjustment," he explains about college life. "Obviously, the classes are bigger, that type of stuff and you are own your own. We just moved into our apartment today, and I was excited about that. I have been at Sewell all summer long and nothing against Sewell, but it is a big difference."

Trott is shown during a summer pass receiving drill during an evening voluntary workout.

Along with learning all of those skills, Trott, along with all of the other freshmen who were in Auburn for the summer, has also had to learn how to deal with a college level strength and conditioning program.

"We have been working," he says about Coach Kevin Yoxall's voluntary summer strength and conditioning workouts. "We have definitely been working. I feel better. I don't know if I look any better, but I feel better and I am definitely in better shape."

The tight end adds that despite its ,Yoxall's training regiment is one that he really likes. "We have gotten into a rhythm of it and it's definitely something that when you look at what you are doing you are saying, ‘this is going to pay off.'"

Tommy Trott

If all of that wasn't enough to keep any freshman busy during his first semester of college, Trott, like all of the other incoming freshmen, has also been working hard to learn a whole new playbook. However, he notes that just being able to get out onto the field this summer with his new teammates during the pass-skeleton sessions have been a major help in that department.

"Pass-skel has helped us so much just learning the offense, and even before the actual pass-skel we go through a little run through where we go over our blocking assignments," Trott notes. "I mean, you can look at it on paper and on tape all day, but getting out there and doing it is so much different. You learn so much from doing that."

He also explains that his fellow tight ends have played an even bigger role in his development throughout the summer by stepping up and pointing himself, Gabe McKenzie and Andrew McCain in the right direction.

"It helps a lot and they have all been great, especially the tight ends," he says about getting the chance to work with his teammates before practice even starts. "Cooper (Wallace), Cole (Bennett) and Danny (Perry), those guys they have helped me out so much. We get confused out there a lot and they have coached us, they really have. They have coached us a lot this summer and they have been teaching us."

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