Powers Has Solid First Day Practice Performance

Jerraud Powers was one of the more impressive players on the defensive side of the ball during the Tigers' first day of preseason practice.

Auburn, Ala.—-On Monday, freshman defensive back Jerraud Powers, who is from Decatur High, said he was looking forward to being able to strap it on for practice and finally say that he was an athlete for Auburn.

On Tuesday, Powers got that chance and quickly showed why there was such a heated battle between the Tigers and the Crimson Tide to sign the 5-9, 171-pound defender.

Powers showed good footwork, a solid understanding of technique, a lot of toughness against the receivers and great quickness in his first practice as an Auburn Tiger and was even able to pick off a pass in one-on-one drills against the receivers.

Powers takes a break after one-on-one drills in Tuesday's practice.

"The first practice was actually kind of rough," Powers says despite having one of the more impressive showings on the day. "It was just the freshmen out there and there wasn't a lot of DBs out there so we were getting a lot of reps, which is good for us, but receivers are running perfect routes on the college level so it is kind of hard for us to get adjusted to that.

"Plus, we have got to break quicker and things like that, but I thought I did okay with the speed of the guys and working on my technique," he adds. "Overall, I thought it was a pretty good day."

Many times freshmen can get overwhelmed trying to keep all of the new techniques they have learned over the summer and the new playbook in order once the practice sessions start, but Powers seemed to be able to balance that task well on Tuesday and even noted to the coaches that he had made a mistake in his technique on a play that he was able to knock the ball away from a receiver.

"I remember one time I was supposed to stay low on my jam and I felt myself raise up on it and that sort of gave the receiver an advantage on me," he explains. "I sort of try to pay attention to the mistakes I make because I always want to learn from them."

Although he was able to do a lot of things well during the practice, Powers notes that he was far from perfect. "I sort of knew the defenses we were running today, but I probably had a little bit of trouble on cover-2 with not helping the safety out a little bit," he says.

Jerraud Powers was impressive at the Alabama Mississippi All-Star Game earlier this summer.

On his interception, Powers was defending walk-on wide receiver Jarvez Williams from Jeff Davis in Montgomery, and he explains that he was able to get himself into the right position for good things to happen.

"It was a go route and so I got my hands on him pretty good and I was running with him pretty good," he notes. "Then, when I realized it was a go route, I just looked for the ball and the ball was there and I just reacted to it before the receiver did."

With some good and some bad mixed into his first day, Powers says that he felt pretty good about his first official practice on the college level. "Overall, I think I did okay," he notes. "A few times I know I had trouble staying with my jam, and I know I tripped and fell a few times, but other than that I think I did okay, pretty good."

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