Dickens Learning From A Tough Experience

Wayne Dickens talks about what he leanrned after a tough day on Saturday.

Auburn, Ala.—-One day after not being able to complete some tough after practice running drills and being called out by his position coach Don Dunn for his actions, senior defensive tackle Wayne Dickens says he is learning from the experience.

"I think the number one thing that I learned from yesterday was to always be a leader," Dickens says. "I really found out yesterday how many eyes were on me. You know, in the past I haven't always been in a leadership role, but this year as a senior I am in a leadership role so I have always got to feel like I have got 87,000 watching me."

Even though it can be tough for players to be singled out by coaches for their actions at times, the big senior explains that he knows Dunn was only trying to help him step up to a level he has never gotten to in the past.

"I have been here so long that I know it is not personal," Dickens notes. "Coach Dunn is trying to...you know, I am having a really good camp right now and he is just trying to push me on through that door that I have always been stopping at.

"The last couple of years I have always had a good camp and then it seems like when I get to game week I seem to fall off a little bit," the 6-1, 303 pounder continues. "So, this year I just focused on keeping a good head start going on into the season."

Wayne Dickens runs through a drill during a preseason practice session.

He adds that he knows the events of Saturday afternoon will only help him heading into his senior season. "Since I have been here we have had a lot of days like that, but the thing about those days is it just makes you a tougher man and builds character."

As a group, Dickens says the defensive line took Saturday's extra work to heart and decided to come out on Sunday and put things back on the right track. "Today I felt like we bounced back-mentally as a group we came out a lot sharper today," he explains. "We were just focused and ready, not necessarily prove that yesterday was a fluke, but to get back to not making the mistakes we made yesterday."

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