Talented OL Prospect Open To New Possibilities

This impressive OL prospect from the Sunshine State, who plays on one of the most talented high school offensive lines in the country, talks about the recruiting process.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—Daniel Wenger is a big center/guard prospect who is heading into his third season as the starting center for St. Thomas Aquinas High and will be calling the shots for what could be one of the country's top high school offensive line as a senior.

The 6-4, 285-pounder, who benches around 320 pounds and squats about 410, will anchor an offensive line that has three Division I prospects set to graduate in the spring.

Along with Wenger at center, the line also features the number four offensive lineman in the country according to Scout.com, 6-7, 280 Sam Young at left tackle and 6-5, 280 Marcus Gilbert at right tackle.

Wenger says that combination up front helped lead his team to a strong season in 2004. "Junior year we actually had a really good season, it was my second year starting on varsity," he notes. "We made it all the way to the state championship and unfortunately lost 31-7 to Lakeland. Overall, I think I had a pretty decent season and I am just looking forward to getting this one started."

The tenacious center prospect says that he has some strong points in his game, but adds that he is always striving to improve.

"A lot of people say that I am probably the toughest player on the team, my toughness," he says about the best parts of his game. "Also, I have a pretty good first step off the ball and I have some pretty good leg drive when I get under people and start blocking them. To be honest with you though I really need to work on everything, all aspects of the game heading into college."

Along with playing alongside a great group of talented linemen in high school, Wenger also notes that he is getting some training in the tougher zone blocking schemes that more colleges are using today while he is still in high school.

"Yeah, because a lot of colleges are moving to that and this is going to be my third year running a system that incorporates some of that," he says about the advantages of learning some zone blocking in high school. "Obviously, it is going to be different in college, but a little experience under my belt isn't going to hurt at all."

Daniel Wenger

With colleges from across the country flocking to St. Thomas Aquinas to check out the talent across the front line it is no surprise a player of Wenger's caliber has had a very hectic recruiting season to this point.

"Recruiting was actually very exciting in the beginning, but as it went on it became a very crazy process because the phone would never stop ringing," he explains. "It is fun though. It is something that I have never experienced before."

"With offers, I actually have 20 scholarship letters," he adds.

For Wenger, some of the 20 colleges that have already offered have begun to make a bit of an impression on him.

"Actually, UF has offered me and that is really one of my top choices, if not the top right now," he says. "Duke has offered, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Purdue and those schools, right now, are definitely at the top."

He adds that he has seen some specific qualities in the Gators coaching staff that has put them toward the top of his list. "Distance from home is not really going to influence my decision, but one thing that I really enjoy about UF is Coach Meyer and his staff," Wenger explains. "I went up there for an unofficial and he is a very hard-nosed disciplined coach and that is what I am looking for in a program.

"Someone who is going to keep his players' heads on straight and make sure they are doing the right things, always," he continues. "That is how I believe, and I know how he believes you win games."

However, Wenger notes that even though he is getting an idea about some of the colleges he is interested in, he would still be very open to some schools he has not even really thought about to this point.

"As of right now, I haven't got a scholarship letter from them or anything," he says when asked if he was receiving any interest from Auburn. "They had said they were going to offer, but I haven't received a scholarship letter. Right now, I don't know, anything can really happen, anything can spark my interest. Like I said, it is just kind of up in the air right now."

He also notes that he does not really know anything about the Tigers' program or the Auburn area, but says he did get to see AU play a couple of games last season and that playing for a team that is on the rise and coming off of a 13-0 season is something he thinks would be interesting to him.

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