Tigers Keeping An Eye On Katrina

Coach Tommy Tuberville talks about Hurricane Katrina and his experience with Andrew over a decade ago.

Auburn, Ala.–-Packing winds in excess of 160 miles per hour with gusts close to 200 miles per hour, Hurricane Katrina is preparing to slam into the Louisiana and Mississippi Coastlines, bringing with it what is likely to be widespread devastation to the area.

For Auburn's Tommy Tuberville it brings back some bad memories from 1992 when he was an assistant coach at the University of Miami and riding out Hurricane Andrew. Sunday he said that he talked with several members of the team that have families in the path of the storm and made sure everyone was doing okay with the news.

"We've talked to them about it and made sure they've talked with their families," Tuberville said. "All of them have gotten out of there. Where to I don't know, but all of them have moved to locations. It's going to be interesting. It brings back memories of when I went through Hurricane Andrew. I laid on my floor for five hours. That's not a lot of fun. It's going to be devastating. Hopefully they understand what they're about to get into down there.

"This thing could be serious," he added. "You never want to have one. If we would have had this later in the week there would have been a lot of cancellations of games coming up this week. Again, this thing could turn and come right up our way. You never know what happens. We might not have power for a couple of weeks. We'll have to wait and see. We're not going to guess where it's going. This thing is packing a pretty good punch. We'll have to see what happens with practice the next few days."

Patrick Martyn went to Jesuit in New Orleans and is worried about his hometown.

One of the Tigers that is watching and thinking about New Orleans at the moment is back-up punter Patrick Martyn. A redshirt freshman, Martyn went to high school in New Orleans and his family is still located there. He said fortunately he doesn't have to worry about them during the hurricane because they got out of town as soon as the news came out that the hurricane was headed for the city.

"Everything is kind of crazy that's going on down there," Martyn said. "My parents decided it was really serious and before things got really crazy like they are now they evacuated to Auburn two days ago. They came to see me. It's really hard at the moment because I really don't know what's going on besides on the news. I just hope everything works out and there's not that much damage.

"Most of my family evacuated early, which is good," Martyn added. "My sister went with her boyfriend to Lafayette, which is in northern Louisiana. I guess everything is happening so fast, which is the hard thing about it. I hope no one is still there. It's my hometown and I love it. More importantly I hope everyone is going to be all right."

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