Tuberville Sees Many Areas That Need Improvement

Comments from Auburn's head football coach are featured.

Auburn, Ala.--Tommy Tuberville said he and his staff need to do a better job of preparing the Tigers as they get ready for next Saturday's SEC opener vs. Mississippi State.

The Auburn head coach blamed the coaching staff for not having the Tigers playing consistently enough on opening night to beat a Georgia Tech team that won praise from Tuberville for its play at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Tuberville said he was particularly impressed with how well the Yellow Jackets played on defense.

Commenting on the 23-14 loss to the Yellow Jackets, Tuberville noted that the Tigers need to be more consistent, the running game needs major improvement and that despite a turnover problem QB Brandon Cox has excellent potential.

"Obviously, we have got to run the football better," Tuberville said. "We have got to make more yards. We can't beat a lot of good teams by running the football like we ran."

Auburn netted just 50 yards on the ground, including 31 yards in losses by Cox.

Commenting on the Georgia Tech, Tuberville said, "That was a good football team. We knew going in they had the experience, but we felt like if we were consistent we could win the football game. We weren't consistent.

"There were some bright points out there," the coach added. "I thought we got stronger on defense as the game went. Early on, we gave up some plays, but defensively we kind of slowed down and started playing a little better.

"We made some plays and I thought some guys showed," the coach noted. "The effort was outstanding. We came up short. Consistency is going to be the theme of this football team, and we knew going in with a young quarterback it was going to be liked that."

Tuberville said that he saw promise from QB Brandon Cox, but credited Tech's defense with causing the quarterback some problems in his first college start. "We knew going in that type of defense was going to give him problems. They blitzed about every other down. Sometimes our protection held up, sometimes it didn't.

"He did a great job of running the offense," Tuberville said. "He just made some mistakes. A couple of those turnovers weren't his fault. He did try to force a couple, which he will learn from."

Looking at the Tech offense, Tuberville said, "They did a good job of throwing screens early. They did a good job of running a lot misdirection. Running right at us, they didn't do a very good job. Misdirection hurts a speedy defense and we overran the ball on some comebacks.

"We will play those better as we go along through the season," Tuberville added. "We had some guys who didn't stay in their rush lanes while rushing the passer. All of these things are correctable. It is just disappointing we didn't give ourselves a better chance to win this football game. We should have scored more points than we did. Again, you have to give them credit, too."

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