AU Coaches Thankful For News On Horton's Brothers

Comments from Tommy Tuberville and Terry Price are featured.

Auburn, Ala.--Terry Price, who is Alonzo Horton's position coach at Auburn, knows the freshman defensive end well. Price also knows many of Horton's family members from flood-ravaged New Orleans from his recruiting trips to Horton's home in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

Price says he is thrilled with the news that Horton's six and eight-year-old half brothers, who were believed drowned in New Orleans, had safely evacuated to Houston, Tex., along with Horton's father, who had also been missing in the confusion surrounding Hurricane Katrina striking their city.

Horton did lose his aunt, Hattie Wimberly, in the flood that hit the family's neighborhood in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, but the Auburn University freshman football player says he is elated to find out that Jerry and Delorean are safe with his father, Jerry Taylor Sr. Although Jerry and Delorean are technically half brothers, Horton says he considers the relationship with the boys to be exceptionally close.

"It's great news anytime you think you have a loss in your family and you find out that all of your family members are safe and accounted for, with the exception of one obviously," Price says. "Alonzo is happy. We are all happy.

"He is very close to his brothers," notes Price. "He thinks about them and talks about them every day. That will give him a lot of piece of mind and help him move on with his life."

Price says that team chaplain Chette Williams has helped Horton cope during the stressful situation. "Chette's help is crucial," Price says. "Without Chette here the kid was not going to have complete peace of mind. I talk to him and the other coaches talk to him almost every day, but just having Chette here gives him piece of mind all of the time."

Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville agrees that having former Auburn football player Williams as a counselor has been important to Horton. "He has been good all through this," Tuberville says. "Chette stuck with him all along. I am sure everybody in the family is just in awe right now."

Tuberville adds, "We are excited for him and his family. I am sure there is a lot of that going on down there right now. Unfortunately, he had to go through something that nobody would really want to go through. We are excited for him and his family, but unfortunately Alonzo lost his aunt."

Horton, who signed with the Tigers in February, is working out with the team as a member of the scout team and is expected to be redshirted this fall.

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