Offensive Tackle Eager To Get Back On the Field

Auburn, Ala.--If Troy Reddick is correct, the Auburn offensive line's best football is just around the corner.

"I have never felt this good about our offensive line," the senior tackle says. "Ever since I have been here it has been the same at the start of the season. We always get fussed at about not being consistent and not finishing up, but we get to that third or fourth game and we have a 300-yard rushing game. I feel the same thing is going to happen this year."

Reddick and the Auburn offense will take the field at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday to kick off game three of the season vs. the Ball State Cardinals. He admits the performance has left something to be desired in the first two outings and the offensive line needs to improve.

"The play calling has to coincide with the type of defense they are running and the offensive line needs to be much more aggressive than they are now," Reddick says. However, he notes that from watching video of the offensive line in action he believes they are close to gelling into a productive unit. Reddick says a key for the Tigers is to "finish our blocks."

Troy Reddick is shown in action during practice.

The 6-5, 335-pound tackle says Saturday's game against Ball State offers a perfect opportunity to get problems from games one and two fixed. He notes that the Western Kentucky game, a week later, will give the Tigers another opportunity to get things right before returning to SEC play vs. South Carolina.

"It is important that we get a rhythm on offense and those are the types of games they are," he says.

Reddick adds that he isn't taking Ball State or anybody else on the schedule as a sure win for his Tigers. "From an offensive line perspective, anybody can line up and make you look bad," he says. "You have got to play for pride. Offensive line is a position where you can never be selfish. We never have the ball in our hand. If we go out there and have a great game, it is good for the team."

Reddick, who has been a starter since his true freshman season when he played guard, adds this about Saturday's contest vs. the Cardinals. "It is going to be hard to get pumped up, but if you are able to focus you can get a lot out of these games."

The senior says he wants to make sure the offensive line stays in an attack mode this season. "You try to be real positive," he says. "Personally, I don't want anybody on the offensive line to get down on themselves. It is a position where you have to be very confident coming to every play. You have to feel like you are better than the guy you are going against or you are going to get whupped."

Reddick adds, "I feel good about this offensive line. This is a tight-knit unit and all of us are fighting hard for each other. At the same time we are doing a lot of rotating, trying to get a lot of guys in there."

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