Talented Prospect Works Through The Storm

This nationally rated football prospect talks about the start to his senior season and recruiting.

Meridian, Miss.--People often say that football in the South is like a religion and Meridian High school may have exemplified that old adage to its fullest with the way they decided to deal with the looming monster hurricane Katrina that came ashore in south Mississippi just over three weeks ago.

"Everybody down here at Meridian just loves football so much, and we still had football practice during the hurricane," star tailback Cordera Eason explains. "That is how much we were just into it. The day the hurricane came we were out there practicing. That is just how much we love the game of football, so when we finally got a chance to see some sunlight we took advantage of it.

"We had been out earlier that morning at 10 o'clock and we were practicing a little bit while it was coming, but they had to let us go," he continues. "Then, we came the following day, Tuesday, Wednesday and the whole week."

He adds that for a team that got off to a losing start and perhaps needed some focus, the extra preparation time was certainly welcome. "The week we missed we got a lot of work in at practice," he notes. "We got off to a bad start and lost a couple of games, but we have been getting a lot of work in building our program back up so everything has been going well down here. We are 1-2 right now. We lost our first two games, but we beat Laurel this past Saturday."

Along with an unexpected letdown by his talented team in week one, Eason's senior campaign did not get off to a blazing start by any stretch of the imagination. "My first game they held me to 53 or 54 yards, something like that," the 5-11, 230-pound back explains. "That was a shocker to everybody, but they knew about me and they were stacking 11 players in the box. We didn't have any receivers and they mainly just keyed in on me and held me to 53 yards."

However, the talented rusher with a great combination of size and speed notes that he has been playing up to his expectations ever since. "My last two games I have had about 150 yards in each game," Eason says. "We started opening up the offense, passing the ball some and getting the pressure off of my back, and so that gave me a lot of room to make stuff happen."

Cordera Eason worked hard over the summer to get into top shape for his senior season.

With his teammate and fellow recruit, Derrick Davis, likely deciding to sit out his senior season and not risk further injury to a torn ACL he is rehabbing, Eason is handling the lion's share of the work at tailback. He says he lives for the challenge.

"I love the pressure," he explains. "I love carrying the team on my back. When we are down in critical situations they turn to me to get the job done, and I deliver.

"It is sad that he is out," he continues about the loss of Davis. "Everybody loves him and wants him back with us, but you have got to keep going, and so without his presence on the field I have got to carry a load and I am willing to do that."

On the recruiting front, Eason, who had said throughout the summer that it would likely be a race between Auburn, Ole Miss and Mississippi State for his signature, explains that now he is broadening his horizons a bit.

"It is Auburn, Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee, there are a lot of teams that have just jumped into the picture just out of the blue or whatever," he notes. "So, it is going to be a tough decision whenever it comes down to that, but hopefully I will make the right one.

"I just like the programs, just the football programs in general," he says about why the Vols and Bayou Bengals have joined the race for his signature. "I like their style of the game, how they run the offense, but I think I could fit into Auburn's program, Ole Miss, Mississippi State's. There are just a few programs that I think I would fit in good at."

Eason says he expects to take all five of his official visits. However, he says he is just working on setting up one of those trips at the moment. "The only one I am thinking about right now is Auburn," he says. "Then as the year goes on I will set up more."

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