Athletic Prospect Still A "Mamma's Boy"

This big athletic lineman talks about his senior season, the recruiting process and lists his current favorites.

Louisville, Ky.—With Auburn looking to add more big bodies to its 2006 football signee class, 6-3, 280-pound defensive tackle prospect Corey Peters from Central High is certainly a name to keep an eye on throughout the fall.

"It has been pretty good, I guess," he says about his senior season. "We have had some ups and down, wins and losses, but we are improving every week, getting better.

"My play has been pretty good," the talented senior says. "Right now I am leading the team in tackles from my defensive tackle position so I have been having a pretty good year. Also, I have had a sack in every game."

Even though he says he feels like he has made some major strides since the summer camp circuit and believes he is playing well, Peters notes that he is still working hard to improve each and every day.

"I have got to work on going every play," he explains. "It is easy to take off a couple of plays, but that is what I am working on right now, making myself play every play.

"Right now I have just got to continue to improve," he adds. "I am lifting weights about three times a week trying to get stronger. I am working on my speed on the days of the week that I still have energy to. Right now it is just continuing to get better, learning more about technique and learning to dominate every play."

On the recruiting front, the big tackle says that he has had time to start paring down his list a bit. "I have things narrowed down to five or six teams," Peters explains. "I guess, Auburn, Kentucky, Louisville, Minnesota, Ohio State and Michigan."

Peters adds that he has been able to find a number of positive qualities about each program that is still on his list.

"With Auburn it's an excellent program and I like the coaches," he says. "I like the coaches a lot. It has a winning tradition, plays in the SEC and I just like it. I went down there for camp and I like the campus and I like the atmosphere.

"With Kentucky, it's away from home and it's not too far. I like the coaches and their situation, too. I do think they are making strides in the right direction, and I kind of think it would be a good situation for me being a momma's boy. It is a place that my momma could come see me play and stuff like that.

"Louisville is right here, but that could work against it, too, because I think I need to grow up a little bit. But, I don't know, they are still on my list because they are moving up, they are coming up.

Corey Peters

"Minnesota, I like the school and I have a brother up there, and that will be beneficial to me should I choose to go up there so I will still have family there. I like the coaches and the program.

"Ohio State and Michigan, two of the most storied college teams in the history of college football. One of my teammates from last year also goes to Michigan now."

Even with six teams still on his list, Peters says that three of the six just seem to stand out. "I guess Auburn, Kentucky and Minnesota are tied for first right now, with Louisville being second and the rest third," he says. "I am pretty sure that I am going to visit Auburn, Kentucky and Minnesota. I am pretty positive about that, but I haven't set any dates. The other two, I am going to take them, but I haven't decided where exactly I am going to take them."

He also notes that because of his team's schedule for the rest of the season he will have to wait on getting those official visits started. "It looks like I am going to have to because we don't have anymore bye weeks and I want to make sure I get the full experience," he says about waiting to take his visits. "I don't just want to have to go for a day."

Even though Peters already knows a lot about how he wants to handle the remainder of the recruiting process, he adds that he does not know what criteria he will use to try and make his final decision.

"I don't even know yet, but a couple of people that I have talked to told me that once you visit you know," he explains. "So, I guess I am hoping that is what happens."

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