Mark Green Picks the SEC: Week Seven

Columnist Mark Green analyzes this week's Southeastern Conference football matchups.


Same ole Vanderbilt. Spanky and our gang, fresh off a public flogging at the hands of the LSU Tigers in Nashville, now ball up their fist again to fend off the incoming Georgia Bully-dogs, who themselves took names last Saturday in Knoxville.

The way VU quarterback Jay Cutler responded to the powerful Bengal front four may be the clue to figuring out that the Commodore canon is about crawl inside himself and die for the remainder of his senior season.

Vandy's Jay Cutler will try to bounce back this week after suffering two straight losses.

Assuming a fetal position against Georgia will produce nothing different from what hiding on the ground against LSU did. To upset Georgia, the Vandy line will have to play better or Cutler will have to throw the ball quicker, or both. You can't win if you give up.

In the SEC, it's either fight back or die.

Or bend over and get paid. GEORGIA 34, VANDY 7.


Speaking of getting paid, Florida Coach Urban Meyer gets his second chance on the SEC road this Saturday as his happy-go-lucky Gators stroll into the hurricane stricken Bayou for a deadly date with Donkey Kong and the LSU Tigers.

Normally this is Florida's football game, seeing as how LSU always assumes a win at home and forgets to show up for the execution. This year, though, the Bengals have already given away their early-season gift to Tennessee, losing a 21-point lead in the process.

Wild, bazooka-armed, dancing bear Jamarcus Russell will bombard the Gator secondary with 90 mph missiles all afternoon, completing some to his own excellent wide receiver corps, and perhaps a few to Florida defensive backs as well.

LSU will count on Jamarcus Russell when the Gators visit Baton Rouge.

Anything could happen in a battle of two teams with something to prove, but shade the two-headed multi-talented swamp creature over the Leaky Gator offense and a steady but still somewhat ordinary Florida defense. LSU 24, Florida 20.

Alabama at OLE MISS

Another monstrous expose will go down Saturday morning in Oxford as the Grove Troll and the Wild Boyz of the West play host to Pretty Boy Mike Shula and the Preppiefied East of Oxford Elephants. This is a battle for business ownership after graduation (granddad started the business, and it's a good thing too, because the kid and his old man are both idiots).

Having already accepted what amounts to the second place trophy in the form of the Confederate Monument on display now in the Grove, Ole Miss will continue to search for its football identity on the gridiron with perhaps its best effort of the season. A win would be huge for the big fella, but even if it all falls into place for the Rebels, the winning touchdown will not be allowed. In the new-fangled Yankee industrial economy it's always business before pleasure. Alabama 17, Ole Miss 10.


Of all the crazy coaches out there, the maddest may well be the Nut who runs Arkansas Football. I could be talking about Coach Houston, but I'm not. It's former coach and current athletic director Frank, "Who's your daddy!?," Broyles, whose pay-per- view demands are so unreasonable that only his former wife and dog would dare justify them.

But why would Frank be so reluctant to let the cameras capture the Razorbacks' best effort of the season? Having gone through the shock and awe of Southern Cal and the road failure in Tuscaloosa, it's time for the Pigs to grunt out their usual season shocker this Saturday night in Fayetteville. The Pig power running game will be complemented by a few precise passes to all-star wideout Marcus Monk in what could be a season-destroying upset for Auburn.

Brandon Cox will be making his fourth college start on Saturday.

The Tigers have practiced for the worst, acclimating first year quarterback Brandon Cox to the idea of how to deal with an Ozarkian nightmare, but there is no substitute for first-hand experience.

But perhaps the Auburn defense is as good as they say. AUBURN 24, ARKANSAS 23

Editor's Note: Mark posted a 6-0 mark last week to improve his season record to 39-7 (.848).

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