Recruit: "I Don't Have To Catch Another Ball"

This talented recevier prospect talks about his senior season and the recruiting process.

Brandon, Miss.—Athletic wide receiver prospect Mike McCoy from Northwest Rankin High notes that he has not been racking up any mind boggling stats through seven games of his senior season.

"I have sat out three games because of an ankle injury, but overall I have 17 catches for 330 yards and three TDs," McCoy says.

However, he explains that putting up big numbers is the last thing on his mind. "I just want a ring," he says. "It doesn't matter how it comes or how we get it. I don't have to catch another ball. As long as I help my team get a ring I will be fine.

"Right now we are 7-0 and number 10 in the state," he adds about how well his team is doing in working to achieve that goal. "I feel like we have got the best offense in the state. We have got two junior receivers behind me. We have got a great offensive line. We have got three good running backs, and we have got a good defense coming along, young, good defense."

The 6-2 1/2, 200-pound athlete adds that although his entire focus on the field is about winning, he is still working on preparing for the college level as well.

"Right now I pretty much workout every other day," he notes. "I do the extra running. I stay late, put in time, watch a lot of film, watch a lot of games on TV and try to see what I can do better at my position."

Along with working hard on and off the field to get ready for the college game, McCoy also notes that he has been working hard to try and narrow his list of college choices.

"The recruiting process is coming along pretty good, but at the same time it has been a little stressful trying to figure out what two or three colleges I would want to attend and what is going to be my biggest choice," he notes. "There are a lot of good schools out there and I am stressed about what school I am going to commit to and what school I want to go to."

Big Mike McCoy was one of the most talented skill athletes to visit an AU football camp this summer.

Despite some stress, McCoy says he has been able to narrow his choices significantly. "I have got about five," he says. "It is Auburn, Alabama, Southern Miss, Iowa State and Arkansas State."

He notes that there are some different things about the colleges on his list that make them stand out.

"Auburn has a great program," he says. "Me and the receiver coach get along pretty good and I met some of the players at the camp and they seem pretty cool. Also, they have got three seniors leaving and that would be a good opportunity for me to come in and play as a freshman.

"Alabama, I like Coach Shula, Coach Cheese and Coach Wood," he continues. "They are pretty nice and I know that I could come in and play over there as well.

"At Southern, they are a small home college around the way and are just my home school I guess," he notes

"All of the other schools they seem okay I guess," he says. "I am just looking at them."

McCoy says that now he is working on getting his official visits set up. "I just set one to Alabama for December 10th and I am going to set one to Auburn pretty soon," he explains. "I have been pretty busy during the football season. I was going to try and do them after the regular season was over with, but I should make them pretty soon."

He adds that he would like to try and get his visits in early so he can try and make his decision sometime during December.

McCoy says that he knows what he will be searching for once he starts making his official visits. "I really don't want to go too far away from home, more than six or seven hours away from home," he notes. "Also, I'm looking for pretty much just a good program overall, a good academic school, somewhere I can get one-on-one attention if I need and just a good family school."

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