Knox Knows Receviers Are On The Right Track

Wide receviers coach Greg Knox discusses the play of his wideouts, and what they plan to do following a tough loss to LSU.

Auburn, Ala—-Auburn offensive coordinator Al Borges noted on Sunday afternoon that he officially counted seven dropped passes by the Tigers receivers on Saturday night in Baton Rouge, although he added that an LSU defender had some impact on two or three of those passes.

Wide receivers coach Greg Knox says that although he knows that is certainly a problem, he was far from upset with the performance of his group.

"Overall, it was a good game for us," he explains. "We went out and said we were going to play hard and play physical. The effort was there, the kids gave the effort that we needed, gave everything that we were looking for. We just didn't make a couple of key plays in key situations."

The coach adds a talented defensive team like LSU can find ways to challenge receivers and make it tougher to come up with those plays.

"They threw a few things at us that we knew they were going to try to do to prevent certain routes, but we were still able to beat their leverage and win on the coverage," he notes. "So, sometimes you have got to make tough catches in tough situations and a couple of times last night we didn't come up with those."

A couple of the plays Knox is talking about were dropped passes by senior Devin Aromashodu, and the coach says that is certainly uncharacteristic of the talented veteran.

"The couple that Devin dropped, in particular, were in the open field, he has made that play several times and he came back and made it in that exact game," Knox says. "The two routes he dropped were situations where he had made those catches before, maybe being that open may have shocked him a little bit, but again we expect him to make those and he expects that from himself."

Devin Aromashodu has been a big key to the Tigers' success in the passing game this season.

He also notes that it was easy to see that Aromashodu went back to work on Sunday with improvement on his mind. "The only thing I get from him is he is disappointed that he didn't make that play when he knew he could have," he says. "So, I got that he was going to go out and get it corrected. You know, he was going to go out and he had it on his mind that he was going to get better. "

Along with Aromashodu, Knox also notes that his whole group will work hard to improve over the final four weeks of the season, but adds that one game with a larger number of dropped passes than normal is no reason for a shift in the Tigers' offensive philosophy.

"We won't change," he says. "We will continue doing what we are doing because we feel that is the key. We may throw in a few wrinkles and a few adjustments, but just continue the steady pace that we are on, and we feel good about what we are doing. We feel good about what we are doing offensively, and we will just keep working our technique and fundamentals."

Overall, Knox says that the Tigers' wide receivers and quarterback Brandon Cox seem to be taking the passing game in the right direction seven games into the season. "I think the confidence is there in the offense," he notes. "I think my guys have confidence in Brandon and Brandon has confidence in them. Again, we are going to move the ball. We moved the ball Saturday night. We proved we can move the ball, and we will continue without a doubt."

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