Athletic Defender Enjoys Visit To AU

Adam Patterson talks about taking an unofficial visit to Auburn for the Ole Miss game.

Columbia, S.C.--Six-foot-three, 255-pound defensive lineman Adam Patterson from Richland Northeast High was in Auburn over the weekend for an unofficial visit and says he enjoyed the experience.

"I thought everything went well," Patterson says. "We got there maybe three minutes into the game. I had a chance to talk to the head coach after the game. Of course, Auburn won the game. There was a very good crowd out there, which I really liked. I just wish that maybe it was a tougher team so I could have gotten a better feel for the audience and everything."

He adds that he got the chance to meet a couple of fellow South Carolina natives on his trip to the Plains. "After the game I went to the locker room and got to talk to some of the players and everything," he notes. "I talked to Leon Hart and Travis Williams. Those two people were recruited from Columbia, South Carolina and they both actually went to Spring Valley High School, which is the team that I am actually playing against this week."

"That is very good because you have athletes on the team that are from home and that makes you feel comfortable," he continues. "It makes you feel like you are at home more."

Along with getting the chance to speak with players, Patterson also says that he had the chance to speak with head coach Tommy Tuberville. "I got a good vibe from him," he says about the Tigers' coach. "The first thing that I noticed about him is that he is very, very serious about schoolwork, which is a very good thing. He is a very good coach to me and he just seems very comfortable."

The athletic lineman also notes that the trip into the Tigers' locker room was impressive. "The part that stood out was probably the facilities--the locker room and stuff because I really didn't even get the chance to see everything they had," he explains. "But, just looking at how nice the locker rooms and everything was that makes me think that they have a lot of nice facilities there."

Adam Patterson says that he thinks his speed is his beast weapon on the field.

Patterson says that he currently knows of two colleges he will likely take official visits to, but notes that he is not sure about the final three. "Right now, I am possibly taking one to Tennessee and one to South Carolina," he explains. "I am still thinking about whether or not I am going to take one to Auburn."

"I am still looking at Virginia Tech, NC State, Florida and for right now that is about it until I get a chance to see what everybody else has to offer," he adds about the other teams that are in the running for visits.

On the field, the defender says the both himself and his team are having a great season.

"I feel like I have played good," he notes. "I feel like I have played much better than I did last year. I feel like I am getting better every game. Also, our team did very good this year. We are 10-0 right now. We have one more game left in the regular season before we hit the playoffs. We are the first team in the history of our school to actually go 10-0."

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