Short Day But Big Results For Davis

Tristan Davis stole the show Saturday with over 160 yards on less than 10 carries.

Lexington, Ky.--Tristan Davis ran for 162 yards on just eight carries in Auburn's 49-27 win over Kentucky. Not bad for a guy playing safety just seven days ago.

Davis, who played defensive back and tailback at Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Ga., practiced during two-a-days at tailback but was moved back to safety once the season started. Facing a Ball State team earlier this season that couldn't stop any of the Auburn reserves, Davis carried the ball twice for 49 yards even though he had been practicing at safety.

When Carl Stewart sprained his MCL against Ole Miss last week, Davis was moved back to tailback where he practiced this week at the third-string back.

"I was able to retain just about everything (from two-a-days)" Davis said. "When I made the move back Sunday coach was calling out plays I kind of knew what was going on. There were a couple of plays they had to remind me of but I picked it up well. This week I spent a lot of time studying."

Tristan Davis breaks free for a long touchdown on his first carry Saturday.

It didn't take long for the studying to pay dividends. The 5-10, 203-pound redshirt sophomore ran for a 75-yard score on his first offensive snap.

"Once I get to the linebackers I think I have the potential to score," Davis said. "Once I saw the receiver (Prechae Rodriguez) throw a great block I knew they weren't going to catch me.

"The 75-yard run was kind of tiring to me," he added. "I had just come off from kick return, then I did punt return and it was like, ‘Tristan, you're in this series.' When I got the ball and I broke I was like, ‘I can't let this guy catch me.' It was just a wide open hole and I hit it full speed. 75 yards."

Davis is a player who enjoys the physical aspect of the game which gives him an edge on defense, but he said following his 162-yard effort that he would like to stay on offense for the remained of the season.

"Hopefully my performance will take care of that," he said. "I have no problem going back to defense if I have to. Right now I'm getting comfortable at offense and I hope to stay there for right now.

"I have a lot of good guys in front of me and today when I had my opportunity I just had to take it and run full speed just like Kenny (Kenny Irons), Brad (Brad Lester), Carl or Tre (Tre Smith) would do. My future is probably at running back but I'll do whatever the team needs me."

Looking ahead to next week's game against his home state Georgia Bulldogs, Davis said that if Lester and Stewart can't return to action because of their injuries he would love to get his chance to shine against some of his friends from back home.

"I most definitely want to be in there against Georgia," he said. "I didn't like Georgia at the end of recruiting--no disrespect to their program. I would just like to do the same thing I did today to Georgia if that opportunity comes about.

"Growing up there everybody was a Georgia fan and I didn't want to go with the norm," Davis added. "I have a teammate who chickened out on me--he was supposed to come to Auburn. Ramarcus Brown--he's at Georgia right now. He's my best friend so I just have to dislike him right now."

Davis has 211 yards on 10 carries with two touchdowns this season.

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