In-State Defender A Prospect To Watch

This athletic in-state defender is getting more interest from college recruiters as his senior season rolls along.

Mobile, Ala.-—Jermaine Rodgers is not a name that is well known in the recruiting game, but the athletic defensive lineman from Davidson High should be a player to keep an eye on heading toward national signing day.

Rodgers, a 6-4, 235-pounder with speed in the 4.8 range, says he has enjoyed making the move to a big time football program in his senior season. "This has been my first trip to the playoffs this year," he notes. "I have been at another school and this is my first year at Davidson. I transferred from Shaw High School.

"It's been going good," he adds about his senior campaign. "Mostly they have got me playing like more of the three technique and a little bit on the outside at defensive end. We are 11-0 and we are getting ready to play our second round playoff game on Friday against Enterprise."

Rodgers is an athletic defender that is gaining interest from teams all across the South.

The defender says that his favorite part of the game is letting his athletic ability take over on the field. "I like to pass rush and I bat a lot of balls down," he notes. "I also like running down field trying to make plays.

"I would say I usually have around seven or eight tackles a game," he adds, "I have eight or nine sacks this year and a lot of batted passes."

Rodgers, who says he would like to work on gaining some weight and improving his speed for the college level, says he is receiving some interest from college recruiters. "I have been talking a little bit to Auburn and Southern Miss and West Virginia, quite a few teams," he notes. "I have offers from West Virginia, Southern Miss, Louisiana Lafayette and Central Florida."

He also notes that he has already started working on his visit schedule. "I have Central Florida set up for January 6th, but I haven't made an official time for the other ones yet," Rodgers says. "The three that I know I will visit are West Virginia, UCF and Southern Miss, and hopefully Auburn."

He notes that he has already had a chance to take a look at the Auburn program and saw some things that he liked. "When I went to camp I liked how the coaches ran the program, and how they focused on academics first and all that," he says. "I like their program. They have picked up a lot of kids from Mobile and I like the way they recruit from this area."

The prospect, who is being recruited as a defensive end, says that he does know some of the things he will be looking for when he is checking out potential college choices. "I am looking for a team that is going to push me on the field and have good academics."

Along with his work on the gridiron, Rodgers says he has also played a little basketball, reluctantly. "I also play basketball," he notes. "I really didn't want to play at first, but our coach made me play. We made it to the state championship game, but we lost. I lost 15 pounds when I was playing basketball, but I picked it up when I got back into football."

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